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The Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive was established as a one-stop archive for Hentai/Ecchi/H/Sukebe and other Adult-rated anime, comics and American animation fan fiction. At the time the archive was established, rec.arts.anime.creative or rec.arts.anime.stories were the primary locations for finding such fan fiction, but talented authors were starting to branch out to other sites, and as a result, finding more than sporadic examples of such fiction in one place was becoming less and less common. The Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive quickly rose in prominence until it was able to claim status as the number one archive for lemon fan fiction.

The archive abruptly went stagnant on May 1, 2001 and is currently offline. Rob Vincent, of the Slayers Hentai Fanfiction Archive, has tried contacting the former owners of the Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive, with no success. [1]

The Archivists

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Archive Policies

The Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive houses only stories belonging to anime, comic or cartoon series. All such stories were submitted in text (.txt) format via e-mail to Submissions not belonging to the submitter were accepted as long as the original author's name and web site were included in the body of the e-mail.

Archive History

Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive founded on August 13, 1997.

Last update to the archive was on May 1, 2001.

Archive Funding

The Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive was supported by its maintainer, and it included banner advertisments and sponsor buttons to help offset site costs.

Archive Size

The Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive housed the works of 382 authors spanning over 59 series as of their last archive version.

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