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SasuNaru refers to the romantic, yaoi relationship of Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke, from the manga/anime series Naruto.

SasuNaru is primarily used for stories in which Sasuke is the dominate or aggressive partner, and Naruto is the submissive partner or receptive partner. NaruSasu is the reverse of this. However, some fans will use SasuNaru as a blanket term to indicate a romantic relationship between the two, not the dynamics of said relationship. Another common blanket term is SasuNaruSasu.


Shortly into second story arc of the Naruto manga, the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke was introduced in one of the most eye-catching ways possible; with an accidental kiss.

This forever sealed the two as one of the most popular yaoi pairings in the entire series and is considered by many critics to be the sole basis for the existence of the pairing.

SasuNaru could be considered a RivalShip. In canon, the pair have a volatile and violent relationship, constantly competing against each other to see who will come out on top. At the same time, they are also teammates who will occasionally put aside their differences in order to reach a shared goal. The two share a deep connection because of their mutual understanding of loneliness.

As the series progresses, the rivalry/friendship between Naruto and Sasuke is steadily becoming one of the key focuses of the story.

The fandom take on this pairing varies depending on who you are talking to. Staunch defenders of lonely Naruto's need to be loved and coddled by an adoring Sasuke stand alongside -- or shout down -- firm believers that they'll continue to punch and insult each other for years after the wedding, and still others who maintain that the pair will ultimately destroy each other.

In Practice

SasuNaru fanworks, like the fanworks of many fandoms, run the gambit from sweet and loving tales of domestic bliss, to dark, twisted tales of obsession and grief, to crazy crack parodies, to well-plotted adventures, and everything in between. One can also find AUs (Alternate Universes) that place them in anything from futuristic cyberpunk, to the obligatory High School setting. Stories peppered with declarations of love and adoring pet-names do outnumber the rest, but the fandom is huge and a little searching can turn up something for every taste.

As stated above, SasuNaru often indicates that Sasuke is the aggressive partner in the relationship. Usually, this means that he came on to Naruto first or that, in a sexual situation, he takes the active role.

Writers and artists fall into different camps as to how their portrayal of the characters is affected by the character's "position" in the relationship. While many ignore it entirely and just portray the characters as they see them, there are writers who will fit Sasuke and Naruto into the more traditional seme/uke dynamics. This can vary from stories emphasizing Sasuke's confidence and possible sexual knowledge while Naruto is more receptive and emotionally sensitive, to super-seme!Sasuke laughing knowingly while swinging weepy-uke!Naruto onto his shoulder for a night's ravishing, after which childish, innocent, pure, and delicate Naruto will wonder why his bottom hurts.

Japanese doujinshi and fanart tends to favor Sasuke as seme and will show him alongside a more effeminate uke Naruto.

SasuNaru VS NaruSasu

Debates over whether Naruto or Sasuke is the dominant partner in the relationship can get nasty and heated.

They all seem to hinge on two core concepts: 1) that there has to be a submissive and a dominant parter, and 2) that the dominant partner is masculine, while the submissive partner is effeminate.

Fans who reject both notions and view Naruto and Sasuke as equals, see it as the exact same pairing. At the same time, they show a marked preference for Naruto being the one to initiate the romance, usually based on Sasuke's emotional isolation.

Self-proclaimed defenders of SasuNaru will argue for Seme-Sasuke often times in rejection of him as effeminate or "weepy" (which again, requires the belief that being submissive also means being emotionally weak and delicate). They tout Naruto's willingness to express his emotions and his empathy as traditionally female traits, thereby marking him as the obligatory Uke. In these cases, Sasuke's coolness and veneer of confidence are hyped, while Naruto's rowdy and boyish demeanor is downplayed or ignored. Also, there are many fans who poke fun of Sasuke's name, which can be viewed as Sasuke.

Self-proclaimed defenders of NaruSasu will fixate on Sasuke's emotional brokenness and portray Naruto as the only one who can "save" him. Usually either by loving him or by having sex with him. While Sasuke as Uke can be "weepy", he is more commonly shown as closed off, prickly, and very depressed. Seme Naruto's rowdiness, sunny manner, and ability to change people's perspectives are hyped, while his 'stupidity' and violent way of expressing his feelings are downplayed or changed.

Influential fanworks

[1] "Roommates" by FastForward

[2] "Misery Business" by Ladelle

[3] "Life is a Highway" by NavyBlueWings

[4] "Fear of Flying" by Chiyume

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