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Size of fandom compared to other PopFic communities at the most popular multifandom fic archives. Numbers are from December 12, 2006.



Savage Garden: An Australian pop band that started in 1996, made up of two men (Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones), who enjoyed worldwide commercial success until their break up in 2001.

The Savage Garden fandom exists in an interesting position in terms of its growth as an online community. Not only was it still relatively new for fans to create grassroots-level websites about their favourite bands but slash fiction itself was considered taboo within the "normal" fan communities. As a result of that mentality, many early Savage Garden slash fans found themselves regularly harassed by other fans who did not approve of any fics that featured Darren and Daniel romantically. Het fiction, mostly of a romantic nature, as well as vampire-themed fanfics were also popular, due to the attractiveness of the two musicians and the Anne Rice-inspired name of the band.

When the band broke up, many Savage Garden fanfic writers of all genres lost interest in staying within the community. Many fanfic writers still active today within the slash, het and gen communities were either late arrivals to the fandom (ie in the last year or so of Savage Garden being active) or have joined the fandom since the break up. Since Darren Hayes is still active as a musician, romantic het fanfiction focused on him is still a popular passtime for Darren fans.

Official messageboards (refered to as BBS - Bulletin Board Service) have also played a part of the fandom, which were originally provided by SonyMusic until Darren's release from contract and currently Darren Hayes hosts his own website and messageboard. Fanfics were most frequently posted in the early days of Darren's solo career but were later discouraged from the boards when a number of R-rated and X-rated fics were posted and the authors resisted removing or modifying their fics. As a result of this conflict, the moderators at the time came to an agreement to not allow fanfiction on any subcategories of the messageboard, a practice that continues in the current incarnation of Darren's official board. Otherwise, Savage Garden and their associates seemed content to ignore fanfiction (which was not the case with fansites hosting mp3 song media) and Darren Hayes has made comments that fans have taken as implicit permission to continue writing fanfiction, as long as it is not posted on any official sites.


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

  • SG: Shorthand for Savage Garden
  • Daz: Commonly used nickname of Darren Hayes
  • Jonesy: Commonly used nickname of Daniel Jones
  • Darksider: A fan who prefers Darren more than Daniel
  • Lightsider/Dansider: A fan who prefers Daniel more than Darren
  • Rainbowsider: A fan who likes both Darren and Daniel equally. If the fan in question was female, sometimes they were called or called themselves a "swirl girl"
  • Vanilla fans - fans who are into "normal" fan activities (reading articles, collecting pictures, writing het fanfiction)
  • Neopolitan fans - slash fans and any other fans with a controversial or kinky interest in Savage Garden


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community. Due to the fact that this is an older fandom and many of the original fanfic fans have since moved on, many related websites have been closed and lost. There may be some inaccuracies due to relying on WayBackMachine as well as memory to fill in the many gaps.


  • 1997-1998 - The Real Deal is created by Grace and Lynnie, the first website dedicated to the topic of slashing Darren and Daniel.



  • Early 1999 - Talk of creating a mailing list for slash fans is discussed
  • May 15th, 1999 - ADeeperMeaning mailing list is created by Cynthia (Dazzababe) with 6 original members. Active for four years, it slowly begins dwindle and is largely dormant after 2003.


  • 2000 - The ADeeperMeaning website is created and maintained by Camilla and JayRaven
  • March 11th, 2000 - The original creators of The Real Deal transfer ownership of the site to Heidi [1]


  • Oct 4th, 2001 - Savage Garden breaks up, which had an unsurprisingly-large impact on the fandom, especially the slash fandom. The number of slash fics about the band breaking up went noticably up.
  • Dec 26, 2001 – Mandy creates a Yahoo Savage Garden slash fic mailing list: Slash4SavageGarden which also carries adult-rated fics (approx 175 as of 2007).


  • Jan 17, 2004 – A late entrant Canadian darksider, i.e., one who prefers the singer frontman, Limonize, created a Yahoo mailing list for adult-rated fics: Darrenluvers. Members began to post fics, which were often themed on post-SG events. Sophie Louise (UK) and Dazzy (Germany) co-moderated. As on the Sony board, fan fics were based on Darren romantica (involving girlfriends/wives), however, slash stories began to emerge as the list expanded. The slowly evolving shift created surprisingly little contention, and was embraced by most of the readership. Before long, a sizeable repository of both SG and Darren Hayes adult-rated stories were archived. Perhaps due to diminished hopes about a possible SG reunion and due to limited American promotion of Darren’s second album however, member participation waned in the following years and as of 2007 became essentially dormant.
  • November 11, 2004 – An American romantica (romance and erotica combined) slash writer creates a new Yahoo mailing list of adult-rated fics initially based solely on Darren and Daniel. Love4darrenanddanielromance.


  • On March 9, 2005, the MySpace group savagegardenaddicts was created.
  • May 14, 2005 – Without dissolving Darrenluvers, the group's moderators create yet another Yahoo mailing list, Solo Darren, exporting the slash story interest to the new list, again theming their adult fanfiction on both SG, and Darren as a solo performer (this time limiting the SG themes to the periods previous to the performing years, or after, else to the realm of fantasy genres ie. "alternate universe". The odd criteria is explained: “we didn’t want to re-invent the wheel. SG fiction during the band years has been done by many others, and done well!”). Planned for more activity, the switch proved to play out well, surpassing the original list. Dazzy discontinued as co-moderator at year’s end, replaced over a year later by Slowmotion Daylight. After Daniel Jones and his fiancé, Kathleen de Leon married, the content of most of the slash stories incorporated the new reality.

After former frontman Darren’s announcement of having married his partner, Richard Cullen in 2006 (residing in London, England), the stories evolved further, frequently incorporating love triangles, chance encounters, and humourous themes.

were created.


  • August 30, 2007 – Yet another Yahoo mailing list is created i.e. Something Wonderful by co-moderators of "Darrenluvers" and "Solo Darren", after a new concept for a new board proposed by Limonize is adopted by six moderators. This newest board was intended to replace four or more existing boards amalgamating them into a "one-stop shopping" superfanfic board which integrated stories, writers, and moderators with the goal of both simplifying and enriching the fan ficdom. It failed in its quest as the active moderator of Slash4SavageGarden, LindaG (a prolific SG slash writer in the fandom), opted for her group to remain independent, to pacify certain Slash4SavageGarden members who were opposed to the merge. Subsequently, Limonize withdrew from the fandom, citing "a combination of reasons".


"Darrenluvers", "Solo Darren", "DarrenluversArchive" and "Something Wonderful" continued to operate, moderated by DazzlesAngel, Slowmotion Daylight and others. After some initial decline in activity, members begin to renew their participation in "Something Wonderful" during the summer of 2008, continuing to embrace both Savage Garden era, post-Savage Garden, Darren-as-a-solo-artist, and Darren-married themes. LindaG also continued to moderate "Slash4SavageGarden" despite low activity.

Controversies and Events Worth Noting

The Slash Debates

During the early years of the Savage Garden slash fandom, there was a certain amount of animosity between the slash fans and the rest of the fandom. Those not interested in slash fiction within the fandom found the Real Person Slashing of Darren and Daniel to be an invasion of their privacy, disrespectful to the band, misunderstood as an attempt to spread gossip or make up events, and not something a "true fan" did.

Ironically, many of the more aggressive anti-slash fans wrote their own Savage Garden fanfics but they were het stories that usually featured one of the band members falling in love after meeting a fan. Some of them were pure Mary Sue stories and some of them featured original female characters. Either way, het fiction was generally not considered as invasive or disrespectful as slash fiction was. As a result, the Savage Garden slash writers often adopted pseudonyms to keep their slash activities seperate from their identities elsewhere within the fandom, and the slash writers quickly adopted the habit of adding careful and clear disclaimers to not only their fanfics but to their slash websites as well. The majority of Savage Garden slash fans also tended to be the first to point out the fictional/fantasy aspect of their fanfics and make it very clear their understanding of the difference between reality and fantasy.

One anti-slash fan by the name of Mysterious Meg went as far as to create an anti-SG-slash website with essays detailing why Savage Garden slash was wrong. After she recieved a number of critical comments about her website, it was closed not long after it was set up. (If anyone remembers the site URL, please mention it)

Deaths in the Fandom

On March 2nd, 2000, a popular male slash fan named Toni (^^Dragonfly^^) was killed in a car crash, which was viewed as a great loss to the slash fandom.[2] He and his girlfriend Alinna maintained a slash website called "Fantasy in the Flesh" and contributed regularly to the ADeeperMeaning mailing list before his death.

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Influential Fanworks



The Real Deal fic section

Stellarium Rec Project

Elsewhere by Ladyfox

The Wagger and the Fairy Series by Ladyfox

Caedn's slash fics, especially The Fight. The fic was written on the Savage Garden Sony BBS in a less slashy version and then was revamped into a full slash version later.

Caro's Odyssey

You Can Still Be Free by LindaG and Caro

Make It Stop by Blinding_Blur

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Fandom Members

Original active slash fans: Grace, Camilla, Cynthia (Dazzababe), Luna Darkhaze, Mandy Moon, Liv (Liv the Savage Vampire), Mako, Clara, Ulrika, Alex, Keri, Heidi

Early active slash fans: Leela Ganey, JayRaven, Steen (Sunhawk), Caedn, Whit, Spencer Roman, Karess, Jai, Lau, Monika (K)

Slash fans active while the band was active: Po (Pomona the Dream Diva), Madame D, Stina, PrettyAngel, Cally Larson, LunaFlower, Kirke (Kirke Novak)

Slash fans active after the breakup of the band: Limonize, LindaG, Crimson_Spin, Fictional_Daydreamer, DazzlesAngel, Dazzy, Hayes_Fantasy, Blinding_Blur, Sockospice, Willa, Ariel-chan, Slow Motion Daylight.

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Fandom Size

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Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

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