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On November 2, 2000, the snapeslash mailing list was created. (titti: [1]) In October 2001, JayKay proposed the idea for the Snape Slash Fleet on the snapeslash mailing list. (White_Serpent: [2])

During the fall and winter of 2001, the Harry Potter fandom received a large influx of media fen. These fen included Luthien, Tboy (Lynda), iibnf (Bernice), Ellen Fremedon, and seeker (Brenda Antrim). By and large, these media fen congregated in Snape slash fandom, and specifically on the Snapeslash mailing list found on Yahoo. [3] The new mediafen were largely congregated on LiveJournal. Many of these new media fen became part of the Snape/Harry pairing community. This community had just become popular, in a large part due to Telanu's "Tea" series. [4] It was this group of media fen who had begun to, at this time, use the "smoosh" style pairing names. The term that Snape/Harry slashers ended up using was "Snarry."

The snapeslash mailing list was deleted on August 20, 2005. [5]

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