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Photo of the Spacial Anomaly Gallery storefront in Philadelphia.

Spacial Anomaly Gallery is a convention dealer and has been involved in vending at cons since 1995.



Spacial Anomaly Gallery is the business identity of Nicole Pellegrini, an artist as well as jewelry designer. Between 2001 - 2004, the business operated as both a full-time brick-and-mortar storefront in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and as a convention/craft fair vendor. Currently the storefront is re-opened as a studio/workspace which can be visited by appointment and special occasion. Spacial Anomaly Gallery still appears at a limited number of media and science fiction conventions annually.


Table display at Dragon*Con 2009.

Spacial Anomaly Gallery specializes in retailing unique sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewelry. The gallery carries rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and many unique, hand-made designs. Many of our pieces are highly customizable and special orders/custom requests are considered.

The gallery also carries the artwork of Nicole Pellegrini and David Carrozzino as well as a wide array of science fiction and fantasy artwork from a vast collection spanning twenty years.



Spacial Anomaly Gallery can regularly be found at the following conventions:


Spacial Anomaly Gallery has been a participating dealer in the past at the following conventions:


Spacial Anomaly Gallery can also be found at the following upcoming conventions:

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