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Spockanalia was the first modern fan fiction fanzine to be published. It would help set several trends that would continue over in fandom for many years.

Sherna Comerford and Devra Langsam published Spockanalia in 1967. This fanzine was the first Star Trek fanzine to published. Her fanzine contained a letter from Leonard Nimoy, wishing them the best of luck. The second issue of Spockanalia contained numerous letters from men attached to the making of Star Trek. Devra Langsam made Debbie Langsam the junior editor of Spockanalia after its third issue, published in 1968. (Lynch) In April of 1969, "Time Enough" by Lelamarie S. Kreidler was published in Spockanalia 4. This story was the first in fan fiction to use // to indicate telepathic thoughts.


Publishing timeline


  • Spockanalia 1


  • Spockanalia 3


  • Spockanalia 4


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