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Stargate is a successful science fiction franchise owned by MGM, which began in 1994 with the film Stargate. The basic premise supposes a richly developed fictional universe where Earth must defend itself from other alien races possessing superior, often ancient technology and sometimes superhuman powers. The major piece of technology introduced in the movie and used throughout the rest of the canon is one such ancient piece of technology, the "Stargate", which allows for teleportation of individuals to other planets through wormholes.

Stargate has developed a rich and diverse fandom through the continuation of the story through three television series, an animated series, tie-in novels and comics, as well as video games and other derivative works. Some individuals are involved in the overall fandom for Stargate, whereas others remain loyal and only dedicated to one particular series or set of characters.

The Canon

In the Stargate canon universe, a gate discovered on Earth is kept a secret from the general public and under the control of the United States military. In exploring other worlds, the Stargate team encounters many races of aliens who are human-like, either possessing primitive technology and development, or less frequently more scientifically advanced. This is explained as the result of aliens in the past intervening in the development of Earth's past, and that much of human mythology and ancient gods and religion being the result of aliens. Some aliens were benign in their contacts with ancient human culture, whereas others, such as the Goa'uld, were not.

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