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Most of the information regarding the fan community around this author can be found on the Twilight article.

The Author

Stephanie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is a unique case of writer's inspiration. She was a stay-at-home mother with no real training in professional writing. Then, one night, she had a very vivid dream about a girl and a boy sitting in a meadow. The girl seemed to be an ordinary girl, but the boy admitted to being a vampire. They were discussing the fact that they were slowly falling in love. When Stephenie woke up, she did not want to forget about the dream, so she wrote it down. The dream appears in one chapter of Twilight, "Confessions." After she finished writing her dream down on paper she began writing more chapters, until she finished her first story. She had to go back and write the beginning because she had started the story in the meadow. When she finished Twilight she realized she wasn't ready to let the characters go, and she decided to continue the story of Edward and Bella in four books.

Fanworks policy and history

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On May 10, 2009, an updated post about Russet Noon was made on fandom wank by caito. [1] It looked at LadySybilla's comments to User:Tikatu, an update on Potato Moon and Peter David, LadySybilla's apology to Stephenie Meyer, and the ongoing Wikipedia drama. [2]

In December 2009, a judge dismissed a plagiarism related lawsuit by "Jordan Scott had accused the author of copying her work “The Nocture” in Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” the fourth book in the Twilight series." [3][4]

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