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A chart comparing mentions of LiveJournal strikethrough and FanLib. Chart was made on June 28, 2007.
Chart comparing LiveJournal BoldThrough versus StrikeThrough references for the period between May 13, 2007 and August 13, 2007. Chart from BlogPulse.
Chart generated on August 14, 2007 comparing references to MySpace's crack down on sex offenders on their service to LiveJournal's BoldThrough and StrikeThrough.
Comparing MySpace pedophile references to LiveJournal's StrikeThrough and Boldthrough according to BoardReader.

The events in late May 2007, when LiveJournal suspended a number of journals, are referred to as "Strikethrough". It was suspected to be at the urging of Warriors of Innocence over keywords related journals which Warriors of Innocence saw as fostering illegal and immoral behavior (such as rape, incest and pedophilia). In the process, a number of fandom based journals were deleted, such as Pornish Pixies. Some members of LiveJournal fandom were unhappy and there was talk of moving to other blogging sites, leading to the creation of fandom_flies at Livejournal, fandomtossed at Greatestjournal, and 07refugees at Insanejournal. The influx of new members to other blogging sites led to Greatestjournal temporarily halting journal creation on December 5th, 2007, due to the added strain on its servers.[1]

Some fear about Strikethrough was exacerbated in parts of the LiveJournal fannish community by the recent FanLib situation.


  • By August 3, 2007, LiveJournal suspended two pornish pixies members, elaboration and ponderosa, for posting images of a Harry Potter character who was a minor in a sexually explicit way. One piece of fan art featured an age ambiguous Harry Potter, aged between 14 and 20, giving oral sex to Snape, his 40 year old teacher.
  • On August 14, elaboration, one of the two suspended users, had her account reinstated by LiveJournal. [2]
  • By August 4, 2007, the people protesting LiveJournal's suspension policies were doing so on news and lj_biz by, among other things, spamming posts with cat macros. Once the first page of news posts was filled, most of them moved to lj-biz. They also protested by sending complaints to Six Apart's local Better Business Bureau and to LiveJournal sponsors. [3]
  • By August 6, 2007, voices from fandom on LiveJournal who really didn't see a problem with LiveJournal's actions, except for them sucking a bit at public relations, began to emerge to counter the angry, LiveJournal is evil, abandon ship! hysterical voices. Metafandom began linking to more of their posts and people were less afraid to speak up in response.
  • On August 7, 2007, LiveJournal clarified its policies, but still left some fans confused. Some people reacted by claiming that LiveJournal allowed racist communities and pro-ana communities. Both of those, the anti-LiveJournal crowd, claimed were similarly offensive and LiveJournal should go after them. The LiveJournal support team tried to address some of this in the comments but their explanations were not consistent, further frustrating some parts of fandom. The fandom_lawyers community continued to discuss the legal implications, but as of yet, no one in fandom seems to have filed suit against LiveJournal.
  • On August 13, LiveJournal clarified their policy to only include photographic images involving minors being considered child porn, thus allowing fan art to continue. [4]
  • On August 14, elaboration, one of the two suspended users, had her account reinstated by LiveJournal. [5]
  • On August 20, 2007, Selina Enriquez posted the following to WIKTT: "3) The artist community is temporary frozen (you cannot upload images and you cannot delete them). People are suggesting that is under investigation, because it contains a lot of Harry Potter adult art." [6] Shannon Prano commented later to say this was untrue, that the site was frozen, based on an August 10 announcement, because they were moving to a new server. [7]
  • On September 1, 2007, sshp_prophet moved from LiveJournal to InsaneJournal "with Live Journal's further clarification of its policies, in particular the policy with regards to links, " [8]

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