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Susan M. Garrett (August 11, 1961 - August 14, 2010) participated in a number of online and offline fandoms, had written fan fiction and been professionally published. Susan passed away on the 14th August 2010 at the age of 49 after battling cancer.

General biography

Susan Garrett was a member of the Forever Knight, Doctor Who, Shadow Chasers, and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne fan fiction communities. Her first official fanfic was written for the series Fantastic Journey back in the mid-seventies.

In the summer of 1995 in the Forever Knight fan fiction community, Susan Garrett issued a "Song Challenge." This would inspire authors well into 1999. That same year, in 1995, she published Daydreams and Knightmares. It was a two-sided story collection. In 1996, this zine would win a FanQs for best Forever Knight fanzine. Susan is the author of over 400 fanfic short stories, multiple novels and novellas and the editor/publisher of over 45 fanzines.

Susan shares the honor of being the co-creator (with Ann Larimer) of the Not The MediaWest*Con Program Book, a satirical homage to all things fannish published for many years and distributed at MediaWest*Con.

She was given the title of "The Finder of Lost Fandoms" due to her interest in limited episode series - if a pilot was written but never filmed, she was probably a fan of the show. Due to her interest in a multitude of fandoms and the inability to tie her to one, Susan's catchphrase was "I am not a fandom, I am a free fan."

She was given the title of "The Empress of FK-Fic" by the FKFIC-L list. On the FKFIC-L list she started the practice of Story Challenges, participated in a number of round robins and was a part of the first fictional FKWar. In addition, it became a tradition to post Forever Knight fiction to the FKFIC-L list to help Susan celebrate her birthday.

In 1998, Susan M. Garrett created and ran the The Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards. Awards were given to the authors of Forever Knight fan fiction that was nominated and voted upon by Forever Knight fans - all items posted on the internet during or previous to December 31st, 1997 were eligible for nomination. In 1989, Susan again ran the awards, during which Forever Knight fan fiction posted on the internet during or previous to December 31st, 1998 were nominated and voted upon by Forever knight fans.

Susan's many interests included the fandoms listed, as well as Q.E.D., Beauty & The Beast, Quantum Leap, The Man From UNCLE, Kolchak:The Nightstalker, X-men (comics), Dark Shadows, The Man From Atlantis, The Avengers, The Prisoner, etc.

She eventually became a professional author with the 1997 publication of the Forever Knight TV tie-in novel Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality. Susan is currently the moderator of two Yahoo The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne fanfic writing groups - SJJV - The Secret Journals of Jules Verne for gen fiction and SJJVA - The Secret Journals of Jules Verne Adult for adult fanfiction.

In November of 1998, Susan spent the day as an extra on the set of Homicide: Life on the Street. She appears in the episode "Bones of Contention", which aired in season seven, January, 1999.

Fan fiction policy and history

According to Fanfic is simple and complex, Susan M. Garrett was ordered by her publishers to leave all Forever Knight fan fiction mailing lists after she made a book deal with them to publish a Forever Knight book. [1]


Below is a partial timeline of Susan M. Garrett's involvement in fandom:









Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists the person belonged to at some point.


A Fine Romance

Doctor Who

Forever Knight

Friday the 13th:The Series

Multimedia (Multi-fandom)

Quantum Leap




The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne


Beauty and the Beast

Captain Harlock


Doctor Who

Forever Knight

Knight Rider

Kolchak:The Nightstalker

Magnum P.I.

New Avengers




Quantum Leap

Remington Steele


Shadow Chasers


The Avengers

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

War of the Worlds









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