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"In early July of 1997, there was a kerfluffle on regarding plagiarism and the policies of the Gossamer admins in how they dealt with those accusations."

This piece of information is a pretty horrid little bit of misinformation that I've tried to correct multiple times in the past.

The plagiarism at issue took place in early May of 1997 on the XFF mailing list. The piece was never archived by Gossamer (then run by Natasha). The accusation was handled internally to the XFF mailing list by the current admins (SciNut and Monica) and the former admin (Gil). Questionable anti-plagiarism policies were created for the XFF mailing list.

The accusation on ATXC in July of 1997 was that since Chael had since become an admin for Gossamer, and was ALSO the system administrator for the list server on which XFF was hosted, he would "bring" those policies to the Gossamer archive. Since the Gossamer admins strongly disagreed with the policies created by SciNut and Monica--and had made that disagreement known publicly--that was just mud-slinging. Deirdre

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