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Team Possible and Team Probable.

Team Probable is a team of original characters written as villains in a fanfiction inspired by Disney's animated series, Kim Possible. The fanfictions are a series with three main stories to date, and one original side-story written by Slyrr.



Team Probable is a team of original characters written as villains in a fanfiction inspired by Disney's animated series, Kim Possible. The fanfictions are a series with three main stories to date, and one original side-story. The first story was All Things Probable, in which Team Possible encounters a team of teen-age mercenaries who are their 'opposites'. The second story was The Return of Zorpox, in which Team Probable returns and kidnaps Ron Stoppable, using the Attitudinator to turn him back into Zorpox and turning him against Kim. The side-story is Back to Kwitcherbeliakin, in which Team Probable is featured on their own and in which Rhonda Fatigable discovers her power which matches Ron's Mystical Monkey Power. The third story is A Friend in Darkness (still in progress), in which Team Possible and Team Probable must join forces to defeat a greater evil.

The series deals heavily with duality and opposites, and each tale has a defined theme. In All Things Probable, in which Team Possible meets their evil counterparts, the theme was Janus, the mythological two-faced Roman god. In The Return of Zorpox, the theme was the Chinese Yin-Yang. The theme in A Friend in Darkness is primarily centered around riddles.

Team Probable

Team Probable is a team of original characters written as villains in a fanfiction inspired by Disney's animated series, Kim Possible. Team Probable consists of four main members, each one a counterpart to a member of Team Possible.

Grimm Probable

Grimm Probable and Kim Possible.

Grimm Probable is the leader, and is Kim Possible's mercenary opposite. As Kim Possible's name is a play on words for 'impossible', Grimm's name is based on 'improbable', signifying both the similarities and differences between Kim and Grimm.

Grimm and Kim are the same age. However, Grimm is male, has auburn hair and hazel eyes. While Kim is the head cheerleader in her school, Grimm is on the gymnastics team in his school. Kim Possible knows sixteen forms of kung-fu. Grimm only knows one - Tai Shing Pek Kwar. But he knows it so well that he can use it to counter almost all attacks. Kim and Grimm are similar in many ways, but vastly different in others. Kim helps people in trouble because of a good heart. But Grimm helps troubled villains for fun and profit. While Kim is a natural leader, Grimm is a skilled puppet-master. Kim enjoys being the center of attention, while Grimm prefers working from the background. Grimm enjoys playing head games with his opponents, and his core philosophy seems to be geared not so much towards physically beating his enemies, but in working them up psychologically and getting them to defeat themselves.

Grimm was also given an indian name by the Blackfoot chief Sakituya in Back to Kwitcherbeliakin, calling him 'Otaatoyiwa', which means the cunning fox.

Rhonda Fatigable

Rhonda and Grimm.

Rhonda Fatigable is Ron Stoppable's mercenary opposite. Ron's name is a pun for 'unstoppable'. Rhonda's name is similarly punnish, being a play on words for 'indefatigable', which means relentless or untiring.

She is very similar to Ron in her personality and attitudes. Both Ron and Rhonda are considered clumsy and goofy, and are low on the 'food chain' at their schools. She is blonde, with freckles under her blue eyes. She is on the track team at her school and is their top-ranked sprinter (an ability gained from all the running away she does on missions with Grimm). She's also the captain of her school's chess team. She serves as Grimm's loyal sidekick, providing constant diversions that often allow Grimm to finish the job undetected.

At first, she and Grimm were best friends, having met in Pre-K. She stuck with Grimm for his entire mercenary career until in All Things Probable, she and Grimm admitted their feelings for each other and began shipping. She had no remarkable talents besides running away until the story Back to Kwitcherbeliakin. In that story, she found herself mirroring Ron in another way - by becoming a 'chosen one'. She communes with a spiritual entity of the Blackfoot Indian tribe. The Great Bear Spirit declares that she is 'Katasistsikoowa' (which means 'never gets tired' in Blackfoot), and that she is the spiritual heir of Abish, the ancient Bear Priestess. Now when she calls on the Great Bear, she can receive paranormal strength and endurance, and be protected from harm. She can also make use of a 'spirit strike' which disrupts energy fields of any kind, even mystical energy. It also saps the strength and endurance away from anyone who is hit by the strike.

Since then she has become more confident and is a full partner with Grimm, who has encouraged and aided in developing her powers.


Rueful is Rufus' opposite. Rueful is a long-tailed weasel (species mustela frenata) that Rhonda bought from Smarty-Mart. He is Rhonda's faithful pet and also serves as a distraction and sabotuer on their missions. Rueful is arguably the one who gets all the real work done, being small enough that most heroes and scientists don't detect him crawling through the ducts and vents of their labs and lairs. He speaks only in chitters and squeaks, though Rhonda seems to understand him perfectly. In Back to Kwitcherbeliakin, Rhonda sang a parody of 'Naked Mole Rap' called 'Long Tailed Weasel Jam'.


Jade and her inventions.

Jade is Wade's evil opposite. She is the same age as Wade. She is also a genius and a computer hacker of great skill. Unlike Wade however, Jade is also an accomplished grease-monkey, having a fondness for making vehicles and other machines.

She is a skinny, short girl with dark hair pulled into two pony-tails and has rainbow streaks of color on her temples. She normally dresses in a blue shirt and purple shorts and wears flip-flop sandals along with jade ear-rings and jade bracelets. Unlike Wade, Jade is not african-american, her parents are both japanese. While Wade seems to have a fondness for sodas, Jade is partial to lollypops. Jade is proud, confident and rather tomboyish.

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