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Dirk Benedict as Templeton Peck on The A-Team.



Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck is a character from the television series The A-Team. Producer Stephen J. Cannell wrote the part specifically for actor Dirk Benedict, although network producers initially did not want him for the role and in the pilot episode the character is played by actor Tim Dunigan.

Incredibly handsome (hence his nickname "Face" or the "Faceman"), Peck can charm most ladies easily as well as con his way into almost any situation--or acquire whatever equipment the team might need for one of their missions. Raised in an orphanage, Peck never discovers anything about his family until the fifth season A-Team episode, "Family Reunion." An earlier episode which is a fan favorite for the back story it gives on Peck's younger years, why he went to Vietnam, and his first love is "The Only Church In Town".

Templeton Peck quickly became a popular character in A-Team fan-writing of all kinds. Many ships, het and gen, center around his character, and he is also quite frequently the injured and suffering victim in A-Team hurt/comfort, angst and rapefic. Some of the fandom for the character had come over from Battlestar Galactica fandom, where Dirk Benedict had played Starbuck.


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Het ships

Both Face/Amy and Face/Tawnia have been frequently written in A-Team fan-fiction. Face is also frequently featured in het fiction pairing his character with an OFC.

Slash ships

The two most popular slash ships for Templeton Peck are Hannibal/Face and Face/Murdock. Through the years, the relative popularity of one of these pairings over the other has fluctuated; early on in the 1980s and early 1990s H/F was more prevalent, but during the late 1990s F/M became more prevalent. Today, both pairings are frequently written and other less common slash pairings also have some supporters, such as Face/Frankie and Face/B.A..


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