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The Twilight Fandom is a rather large and extensive network of people who devote any amount of time to the works of Stephenie Meyer which involve Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, or otherwise associated characters. The Twilight series is a set of four novels (as of the release of "Breaking Dawn" on August 2, 2008) about an exceptionally clumsy and plain girl named Bella Swan and the exceptionally beautiful and perfect vampire with whom she's obsessively in love. Bella transfers to a new high school where she meets Edward Cullen, who's around a hundred years old, and their relationship blossoms. Other characters include Bella's father Charlie, Edward's family, and the local pack of Native Americans/werewolves (a young werewolf and family friend of Bella, Jacob Black).

There is a sometimes intense feud going on between Edward Cullen fans and Jacob Black fans, though the overwhelming majority support Edward, who is Bella's choice as well. The feud dissipated somewhat when Jacob imprinted on Edward and Bella's daughter Renesmee in the final novel, "Breaking Dawn". Most fans choose sides in the feud, "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob", but a small percentage support both (sometimes referred to as being like Switzerland), and an even smaller percentage think Bella should choose neither.

Members of Twilight fandom have produced a tremendous volume of fanworks devoted to the series since the release of the first book. On FanFiction.Net alone, Twilight surpasses all other books except for the Harry Potter series in stories published as of 2009.[1] Twilight fans have extensive message board forums, livejournal communities, and both passionate followers and intense haters of the series. Kerfluffles and wanks have plagued the fandom as well, no doubt due to its tremendous, quickly-growing size. The fandom contains a large number of individuals who had never been involved in fandom before, from older women labeled the Twilight Moms to young teenagers. This has lead to Twilight fandom being considered a feral fandom to some, and given little attention (and some derision) by more established groups in media fandom and literary fandom.

The Author

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is a unique case of writer's inspiration. She was a stay-at-home mother with no real training in professional writing. Then, one night, she had a very vivid dream about a girl and a boy sitting in a meadow. The girl seemed to be an ordinary girl, but the boy admitted to being a vampire. They were discussing the fact that they were slowly falling in love. When Stephenie woke up, she did not want to forget about the dream, so she wrote it down. The dream appears in one chapter of Twilight, "Confessions." After she finished writing her dream down on paper she began writing more chapters, until she finished her first story. She had to go back and write the beginning because she had started the story in the meadow. When she finished Twilight she realized she wasn't ready to let the characters go, and she decided to continue the story of Edward and Bella in four books.

The Canon

What is canon?

The canon consists of four books and the movies based on the books. The unofficial sequel Russet Noon is not considered canon, nor are any other fan-written stories or novels.


See Twilight characters for more information on the individual characters and their fandoms.


The first novel in the series follows protagonist Bella Swan as she moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie. Bella quickly draws much attention from her new schoolmates and makes new friends, as well as fights off unwanted advances from several boys. Seated next to her on her first day is Edward Cullen, who at first appears repulsed by her. They slowly begin to warm up to each other after he disappears & then reappears at school, saving her life in the school parking lot in a way that seems humanly impossible.

Bella is then determined to find out more about Edward and learns local tribal legends from a family friend, Jacob Black, after which she becomes convinced Edward and his family are vampires (although they drink animal and not human blood). Edward eventually confesses the truth and the two begin to fall in love. However, the arrival of another vampire coven in Forks causes trouble in their relationship and a major threat to Bella's life.

New Moon

After Edward's adopted brother attempts to kill Bella, Edward decides he must end his relationship with her for her safety, and the Cullens leave Forks. Bella is heart-broken and depressed, but finds that engaging in thrill-seeking activities allows her to hear Edward's voice in her head. She grows closer to Jacob Black and learns that he is a werewolf. Jacob and fellow werewolves protect her from revenge from vampires Laurent and Victoria, who are after her for the death of James in the first novel.

Edward, meanwhile, has been lead to believe that Bella has committed suicide over the end of their relationship. He flees to Italy, seeking death himself at the hands of the Volturi family of vampire royalty. Bella and Alice save him, but Edward learns he must either kill or turn Bella into a vampire as she is a human who knows of vampire existence. The two reconcile and Edward gives her a choice, offering to turn her if she will agree to marry him.


Unsolved murders are plaguing Seattle, Washington, and Edward suspects they are the result of a young vampire unable to control his bloodlust. Bella wishes to get back in touch with Jacob Black and she begins visiting him again. Edward proposes and Bella accepts.

Bella and the Cullens learn the truth behind the Seattle murders, and that they are being caused by Victoria and an army of young vampires under her control. The Cullens and the werewolves join forces to combat Victoria's "army". Jacob becomes upset upon learning of Edward and Bella's upcoming marriage, and Bella discovers she still has feelings of love for him--though not as strongly as for Edward. Jacob runs away at the end, heartbroken over Bella and her decision to eventually become a vampire like Edward.

Breaking Dawn

The first part of Breaking Dawn covers Edward and Bella's marriage and honeymoon. Two weeks into their honeymoon, Bella realizes she is pregnant and that the pregnancy is developing unnaturally fast. They return quickly to Forks, and Edward fears for Bella's life and urges her to abort the baby, which Bella refuses to do.

The second part of the novel deals with Jacob and his werewolf's pack conviction that they must kill Bella's baby, even if it means killing her as well. Jacob refuses to take part in this, leaving to form his own pack. When Bella gives birth, her life is threatened due to lack of blood and Edward turns her into a vampire to save her. Jacob, present at the birth, involuntarily "imprints" on the child, Renesmee.

The third and final part of the novel deals with Bella's adjusting to her new life, and the threat presented to Renesmee and the Cullens by the Volturi who believe her to be an immortal child.

Release timeline

See Twilight release timeline for a timeline of release dates.


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that may be used in this fan community.

  • BB - Stands for baby. [2]
  • Bloodsucker- an offensive term for a vampire. Usually used by Edward bashers.
  • Carver Cafe - Bella's favorite place to eat breakfast. [3]
  • Dog/Pup- Does not mean an actual dog. An offensive term for a werewolf, usually used by Edward lovers
  • Edwardist- Someone completely in love with Edward. Also someone who wants to kill Jacob. An Edwardist puts herself (or himself, whatever floats your boat) in Bella's shoes in order to experience Edward's love in a more detailed manner.
  • EXB- A story where Bella is paired with Edward.
  • Fangdom - "(Fandom) Noun - Fans collectively, as of the motion-picture or book series ‘Twilight’ " [4]
  • Irritable Grizzly- Someone who for some reason is getting on your nerves. Usually someone who you have fun getting rid of.
  • JXB- A story where Bella is paired with Jacob.
  • Leech Lover- An offensive term for some one who is for team Edward, generally used by the population of Edward bashers.
  • OME- Oh my Edward. An exclamation used by internet fans.
  • Team Cucumber- Fans who don't root for Edward or Jacob.
  • Team Edward- Fans who support Edward and want Bella to choose Edward.
  • Team Jacob- Fans who support Jacob and want Bella to choose Jacob.
  • Team Switzerland- Fans who equally support Edward and Jacob. Someone who will be satisfied with Bella's choice, whatever it may be.
  • Twihards - derogatory name for hardcore Twilight fans.[5]
  • Twilight Moms (or TwiMoms, Twi-Moms) - older, adult women who are fans of Twilight
  • Twilighters - Fans of Twilight. [6]
  • Twiworld- Anything and Everything to do with Twilight, the 'world' of twilight.
  • Vamp- A vampire, gone bad. Usually a term used by other vampires as a sign of disrespect.


Shipping is a huge component of Twilight fandom. The two most popular pairings are Edward/Bella and Jacob/Bella, where fans denominate themselves by the terms "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" depending on which pairing they support. There are, however, fans of non-canon, unconventional pairings including slash ships.

See Twilight pairings for more information.


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.


  • On June 2, 2003, Stephenie Meyer Had her dream and started writing Twilight! On her first day she wrote Chapter 13 (In the meadow.)





Twilight mentions in the period between April 23 and May 22, 2008 according to Technorati.


  • On May 28, 2009, the twilight fansite The Cullens Online [41] was created. It is a fansite and roleplaying community that in it's first 3 months of existence has over 1200 members. The site has been visited by Peter Facenelli (Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movies) and Stephanie Meyer has personally paid compliments to the site.
  • In the first week June 2009, "new moon trailer" was one of the fastest moving search terms online. [42]
  • In July 2009, fans of the rock band Fiction Plane began a campaign to get a song by the group on the soundtrack for "New Moon".[43] The high sales and popularity of the soundtrack for the first "Twilight" movie made fans feel it would be a good marketing strategy to increase the band's exposure. In August 2009, the band even talked about the campaign in an interview.[44]
  • In November 2009, The Harvard Lampoon published a parody of Twilight, entitled Nightlight: A Parody. [45]


Twilight Anti-Fandom

There are individuals who devote a significant amount of time mocking and criticizing Twilight, to an extent that "Anti-Twilight" could be seen as a fandom in and of itself. Cleolinda's mocking book recaps have been immensely popular,[46] as has stoney321's reviews.[47] A number of anti-Twilight LiveJournal communities have been created, including Twilight_sucks, Twi_fandumb, and Why So Fail SMeyer. There are also websites devoted entirely to criticizing and mocking the series such as The Anti-Twilight Movement[48] and Twilight Sucks!.[49]

See Anti-Twilight for more information.

333, the number of Satan's torso?

In July 2008, the Twilight fandom made fandom wank for a wank called "333, the number of Satan's torso?". [50]

April Fools


The Twilight fandom has a tradition of playing April Fools jokes. Much of this takes place on the main pages of various Twilight fansites. Below is a list compiled by the Twilight Lexicon of pranks played this year:

Ropes of Silicon announced that Rob would retire from acting. [51]

Reelz Channel had Rob replacing Toby Maguire in the next Spiderman. [52]

IF Magazine had all footage of New Moon accidentally being destroyed prompting a recasting.[53]

Cinefantastique had Stephenie taking over the Narnia franchise as a script doctor. [54]

The Twilight Lexicon reported that some sites went to far with this. That included TMZ. [55]


CAPS LOCKS OF RAGE is not a specific kerfluffle but rather multiple instances in the Twilight fandom where people have criticized the books and movies only to be mobbed by Twihards. The mobbing Twihards use ALL CAPS in their defense of the books. [56] ImpishIdea is one blog that had to deal with CAPS LOCKS OF RAGE. Their major incident happened in March 2009. [57] Plain and Simple Elles experienced it in January 2009. [58]

Fan violence

On several blogs, there have been reports of violence committed against people that are anti-Twilight. A list of reported violence against anti-fans was compiled on Twilight sucks. [59][60] The list of violence committed against anti-fans includes:

There has been some criticism of this list as many of these accounts cannot be authenticated. [185] [186] Regardless of the list, some anti-Twilight people reject the idea that this sort of violence is possible. One anti-fan says:

One blogger suggested that Maria would have angry mobs go after her if she didn’t take down her post. I really doubt that anybody would really kill for Twilight, and I really doubt that they are offended enough to do any sort of violent action. Let me make this clear: There is no evidence to suggest that Twilighters are offended to the point of forming violent mobs.
But they certainly get offended enough that they seem to want to leave behind all civilized, reasoned discussion.
Forget the stalkerishness, the creationism, the Mormonism. The readers are obviously not going to face any problems because that sort of thing is idealized as long as they’re thinking. The real reason why Twilight is a problem is because people are so fervent about it that they stop all rational discourse. [187]

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shipping

Many fans believe that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are dating. There are many others who disagree. Both stars have been coy about their relationship status, not saying anything officially on the record to deny this rumor. This has amped up fans who look for their own clues to address that. When pictures like this one are released, fans go batshit insane.

Russet Noon

A very large fandom kerfluffle carrying over into the professional publishing world erupted in March of 2009, surrounding the plans by LadySybilla to publish an "unofficial sequel" to the Twilight series entitled Russet Noon. See main article for more information.

Bootlegging the movie

In December 2009, Samantha Tumpach was arrested for video recording three minutes of New Moon.

But Tumpach insisted Wednesday that’s not what she was doing — she was actually taping parts of her sister’s surprise birthday party celebrated at the Muvico Theater in Rosemont.
While she acknowledged there are short bits of the movie on her digital camera, there are other images that have nothing to do with the new film — including she and a few other family members singing “Happy Birthday” to her 29-year-old sister at the theater.
“It was a big thing over nothing,” Tumpach said of her Saturday afternoon arrest. “We were just messing around. Everyone is so surprised it got this far.” [188]

The charges were later dropped when the movie's director intervened:

Cook County prosecutors this morning agreed to drop the charges against 22-year-old Samantha Tumpach, who was facing a felony conviction after being arrested for after filming a small portion of the movie Twilight: New Moon. Prosecutors were vague on why they decided not to continue the case. Tumpach had insisted that while she was filming inside the theater, it was only as part of a surprise birthday party for her sister, recording was brief, and she wasn't trying to "bootleg" the film. Even the Twilight director came out in her defense, saying there was a "difference between trying to protect the copyright of a film and making an unfair example of someone who clearly seems not to have any intentions towards video piracy." [189]


In December 2009, a judge dismissed a plagiarism related lawsuit by "Jordan Scott had accused the author of copying her work “The Nocture” in Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” the fourth book in the Twilight series." [190] The case was dismissed with prejudice and as a result, Jordan Scott cannot refile. [191]

Legal issues


In August 2009, apparently received a Cease & desist letter from Summit over fan-made Twilight t-shirts and other merchandise being sold on the site. This was apparently the second C&D letter they had received regarding this matter (the first in November 2008, both of which they ignored. In October 2009, Summit launched a lawsuit against over the matter.[192]

Fan demographics

A study of consumer ticket buying habits by Fandango of customers on their site found:

Indeed, the statistics indicate that that out of 2,500 recent "New Moon" ticket-buyers surveyed, an astounding 96 percent had read the novel — and 94 percent had read the entire series. But the tale gets even more interesting when you realize that 68 percent of the ticket-buyers weren't aware of the "Twilight" franchise until the first film was released in November 2008. So, in essence, only 32 percent of the fans who have bought "New Moon" tickets have been "Twilight" fans for longer than 12 months. [193][194]
Indeed, 93 percent of all buyers had watched the "New Moon" trailers online, with 77 percent saying the action scenes were a main draw and 98 percent (!) saying the action glimpsed in "New Moon" looked better than "Twilight." [195]
Fifty-three percent of Twilighters surveyed plan to see the first "New Moon" show at midnight; 26 percent will see it at a different time opening day; and 21 percent will see it during opening week or thereafter. Out of that crowd, 79 percent are making plans to bring three or more friends. [196]
Lastly, Fandango even has stats on the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob rivalry — and, well, it's not looking pretty for Taylor Lautner. Although "New Moon" will feature far more screen time for Jacob Black, only 17 percent of ticket-buyers said they'd choose him, while 83 percent are Team Edward. [197]
Meanwhile, sports-betting Web site has asked its odds-makers to determine how much "New Moon" will make in its opening weekend; 40 percent believe the film will take in somewhere between $66 million and $80 million. That total would put it on track to equal or exceed the receipts of the first film. [198]

The Irish Twilight Sisters conducted a poll on their blog regarding the average age of Twilight fans. 172 people took part in this poll. The following results were found:

On LiveJournal

Fan History's User:Laura did a demographic look at the lion_lamb community on LiveJournal and posted the results on Fan History's blog. It found:

First, we checked LiveJournal’s bot policies. Then we created a bot that went to the profile page of a LiveJournal community, grabbed the list of 11,000 or so people who both watched and are members of the community, and accessed the user page of every member of that community. The bot then collected data on location, birth year, birth date, year that the person created their LiveJournal, date that the person created their LiveJournal, year the person last updated their LiveJournal, date the person last updated their Livejournal, account type (Basic, Plus, Paid, Permanent, Sponsored, Early adopter), total number of journal entries, total tags, memories, virtual gifts, user pics and friends. This information was then dumped into a csv file. (More on methodology) We now have a lot of data. It has a lot of holes in it because users do not need to complete all the fields. For the sake of this sample, we are going to assume that the non-blanks are representative of the whole set. People also lie about their ages and location. (People are not living in Antarctica or the Romulan Neutral Zone for instance. They are not likely to be born in 1900 or 2007.) Still, in terms of accuracy of the sample, I think it is better than survey research that may be done on community and it is less self selecting. So what do we know about the watchers of lion_lamb?

lion_lamb watchers don’t pay for LiveJournal. In order to get extra features, the vast majority are willing to have extra ads displayed on their LiveJournals.

Things change a bit when you look at this based on nationality.

There are 3,378 people that list themselves as from the United States. Americans are a bit more willing (or able) to pay for their accounts and less willing to have as many ads.

There are around 300 Australians, 364 Canadians, 159 Brazilians, 197 Germans, 107 Mexicans, 23 New Zealanders, 28 Irish, 332 people from the United Kingdom, 116 French, 16 Japanese, 107 Italians.

Amongst those countries, Australians are the ones most likely to have permanent accounts with two percent of Australians having this account type. Permanent accounts go on sale around once a year for $150 to $250. Canada, Germany, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom all have one percent of total members with that account type.

Plus accounts are most popular in Brazil (87%), France (80%), Italy (85%), and Mexico (86%). Plus accounts are least popular in Germany (69%), and Japan (63%).

Paid accounts are most popular in Ireland (18%), Germany (16%) and the United Kingdom (14%). They are least popular in Brazil (4%), France (8%) and Mexico (5%).

Basic accounts are most popular in Japan at 25%. No other country in this sample is in the twenty percent range. Basic accounts are least popular in Brazil (9%), Ireland (4%), Italy (5%) and Mexico. (8%)

These patterns are interesting. Why are Japanese Twilight fans willing to do with less extra features with the reward of fewer ads? Why are Brazilians, Italians and Mexicans willing to have more ads? Why are the Irish, Germans and Brits most willing to pay for extras?

I’ve been curious about Twilight fandom on LiveJournal: How old are people in the fandom and did the fandom give LiveJournal a spike in new users? The fandom is characterized in many places as being filled with teenage girls. On LiveJournal, based on lion_lamb, that doesn’t appear that true. The average year of birth for people who listed theirs is July 1985. That’s about 24 years old, past high school and past college.

This average differs a bit my country. There are 1,193 people from the US, 135 from Canada, 48 from Brazil, 33 from Mexico, 139 from the United Kingdom, 86 from Germany, 122 from Australia, 50 from France, 9 from Ireland, 51 from Italy, 7 from Japan, and 7 from New Zealand.

The above chart doesn’t include the total people born by year before 1960 or after 1995 but people outside the range were included in the average. Brazilian, German, Japanese, Australian, and American members are the oldest at about 25 years old having been born in 1984. French and British fans are the youngest averaging the age of 22 and being born in 1987. The mode for the whole sample is 1989 and the median age is 1987. These are different than the average, implying that the community is a bit younger than the average implies.

Twilight may have given LiveJournal a registration bump in terms of this community, with the median and mode of 2008 for registering. The average registration year is 2007.07 in comparison. Members of this community are updating, with a last update year average of 2008.66, mode of 2009 and median of 2009.

lion_lamb members have posted an average of 132.25 times, a median of 11 times and a mode of 1 time. This indicates that several members are extremely prolific on their own journals. Two members have nine thousand plus times, one posted eight thousand plus times, two posted six thousand plus times. 320 people more than one thousand posts. This small group of prolific posts, representing two percentage of the total members, skew the average rather high. Most members are posting between one and eleven times.

For tags, the average number per person is 36.48, the mode is two, the median is four. For memories, the average is 37.77 per person, mode is zero and median is zero. Virtual gifts per user has an average of .23, median and mode of zero. The average number of userpics per user is 13.94, with a mode of one and median of fix. The average member of lion_lamb has 34.08 friends, median of eleven friends and mode of one friend. Most of these you would only expect to have higher numbers if the community was full of active contributors who were utilizing all the features on LiveJournal.

lion_lamb has a number of users who are a bit older than the screaming teenage girl stereotype, though certain countries represented on this community are closer to that than others. Most users are not using plus accounts, choosing to view additional ads to get extras on the service. Members of the community are not very active on their own journals and many are relatively new to the site, having joined in the past twenty two months.

As a snapshot of the Twilight fandom on LiveJournal, it is an interesting one. It will be interesting to see if this sample mirrors other LiveJournal communities or as part of a larger sample of members of Twilight communities on LiveJournal.

Conventions and fan gatherings

TwiCon was a Twilight convention that caused a great deal of kerfluffling over its policies, ticket prices, and events which occurred at the convention. It was held in Dallas, Texas July 30, 2009 - August 2, 2009.

Twilight Proms was an unofficial United Kingdom Twilight event. There were two separate events taking place at separate venues:

In preparation for the release of the second film, the movie's producers organized a number of Twilight related events for fans to attend across the United States and United Kingdom. "Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and director Chris Weitz were all in attendance at the day's The Twilight Saga: New Moon U.K. Fan event in London, England at Battersea Evolution". [200] It was held on November 11, 2009 and is one example of such an event. [201]

A partial list of Twilight conventions is below:


Many people and corporations have held Twilight related contests in order to give something to fans and better market to an audience interested in this product. AT&T were one company doing this. [202] In exchange for becoming a brand ambassador, you could be entered for a chance to win "2 win tkts-AT&T's Atlanta 11/19 advance screening THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON w/special cast member appearance" [203][204] Wikia was also giving away prizes for people who commented on their blog on their Twilight related wiki. [

Charity project

There have been several fan driven fundraising projects in the Twilight fandom where fans have tried to raise money for charities. One such project was Twilight Fandom Gives Back and was organized on Twitter. It took in November 2009. According to the organizers:

Now through Nov. 20th, the fandom will have the opportunity to help in the fight against childhood cancer. We haven't set a monetary goal, because we're firm in the belief that no matter what we set, you as a fandom will surpass it. P.S. you can find out more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s by visiting [205]

The Examiner did a piece on Twilight Fandom Gives Back and explained:

A little while back Team 411 noticed we were hitting a milestone number of followers and had a “Yay!” moment. Someone then asked what we would do if we hit 10,000 followers, the next big milestone. At that time, my smart-aleck response was, “Die in shock.” But now, with 10,000 followers getting closer every day, we started to take the question of how we would mark that milestone a little more seriously.
I really never expected such a response to #KStew411. It’s been so much fun these last few months having our little Kristen Stewart love-fest on Twitter, and I have so enjoyed partnering with Rob My World for fanfic reviews and with Amanda for these op-eds on the Twi Examiner. Since I’ve gotten so much out of this, I wanted to do something real and tangible to show how much your support has meant to all of us at Team 411. The question was what to do? Twitter-pal @rosenfie had a fantastic idea: why not raise money for charity?
Challenge accepted. And just as I was trying to figure out which charity, when, how much, and blah blah, I saw this on my Twitter feed: The Fandom Gives Back. And suddenly it all fell into place. After a flurry of emails, texts, and phone calls, Team 411 hammered out the plan.
We are going to raise $10,000 to contribute to the Fandom Gives Back in Kristen’s name.
That’s right. $10,000 for 10,000 followers.
We can do this. All it takes is $1 from each of us and we’re there. So what are the details? Good question. The Fandom Gives Back is a virtual lemonade stand set up by ninapolitan, lolashoes, and tby789. You may know them as some of your favorite fanfic authors, but they’re also the amazing ladies behind this project, which benefits the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Alex’s is a 501(c)3 charity which provides funds to fight childhood cancer. To date, they have raised over $25 million, funding over 100 research projects to find better treatments and the cure for childhood cancer. Alex’s also supports a travel fund to help families in need who have to travel to cancer centers across the country for treatment, as well as a yearly Childhood Cancer Symposium which brings families together to learn about treatment, support, and recovery. Alex’s is truly a great cause making a difference in the fight against childhood cancer, and the best part is that with minimal overhead, about 90% of yearly contributions go straight to their cause.
What Team 411 wants to do is raise $10,000, which we will contribute to the Fandom Gives Back in Kristen Stewart’s name. You can donate via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to do so), and remember, every dollar counts. Donations are open through 11/20/2009—yes, on the premiere of New Moon—and then we will donate everything we’ve raised to The Fandom Gives Back, all in Kristen’s name.[206]</blockquote>


See Twilight fandom influential fanworks for a list of influential works in the fandom.

Fan art


Icon making plays a big part in the Twilight LiveJournal fandom. There are a few communities dedicated specifically to it and icon makers are active in posting on their own journals and general Twilight communities.

In August 2009 and October 2009, the icon making community was active on twilight_fandom. [207]

Fan fiction

Twilight has a huge fan-fiction producing community, including all varieties of fiction: gen, het, slash, AU, etc. For information on influential stories, see Twilight fandom influential fanworks#Fan Fiction.

Role Play Site for creative stories

June 20, 2009 TwiTwitter the PG 13 creative writing RPG site was given a new owner and today has grown to become the largest RPG site on Twitter.The TwiTwitter family has expanded to include even more sites listed below.

Want to IM a Vamp? TwiTwitterCoven on AIM

The Internet

Twilight fandom is extremely active in certain areas of the internet, but not as much on others.


There is a community of fans on bebo. Compared to LiveJournal, they are not as active.


The Twilight community has many blogs. Some of the major fansites use blogging software to power themselves.

Twilight Zone is one blog. [218] The owner of the blog is Abby. [219][220] She is one of individual involved with CAPS LOCKS OF RAGE that has targeted anti-Twilight bloggers. [221]

The Twilight blogging community was one of the driving forces beyind Twilight Fandom Gives Back. [222] Several blogs were involved on different levels including Twilight Moms and The Fictionators. [223]

Dreamwidth Studios

Twilight fandom is not particularly present on Dreamwidth Studios. A number of Twilight-themed communities were formed on Dreamwidth after its opening in April 2009, however most have not remained active.[224] As of November 2009, 422 members of Dreamwidth listed Twilight as an interest.[225]


There are many fans of Twilight on Facebook. The official Twilight fan page on Facebook, created January 2008, had over 4,000,000 fans as of November 2009.[232]

There is a group for Queensland, Australia fans of the books and movies. [233] As of November 14, 2009, it has 681 members.


One of the major fansites is[234]. Another important fansite is[235]. The original three major fansites include[236],[237], and[238], these were the only three popular fansites registered before 2008 and they played a major role in developing the online Twilight fandom alongside the Twilight Movie IMDB messageboards.


The Dazzle Awards are awards given out in the Twilight fandom for best fansites across several categories. The following categories were eligible for awards in 2009::


General Sites -Best Twilight Fansite- The highest Dazzle Award. This category is open to all Twilight Fansites (with the exception of Myspace and Facebook Groups) -Best Twilight Forum- Open to all websites which have forums. -Best Twilight Group on Myspace- Open to any group on Myspace dedicated to Twilight. -Best Twilight Group on Facebook- Open to any groups on Facebook dedicated to Twilight

Specific Sites -Best Kristen Stewart Fansite - Open to websites with their focus on Kristen Stewart. -Best Robert Pattinson Fansite- Open to websites with their focus on Robert Pattinson. -Best Taylor Lautner Fansite-Open to websites with their focus on Taylor Lautner. -Best Bella Swan Fansite- Open to websites with their focus on Bella Swan. -Best Edward Cullen Fansite- Open to websites with their focus on Edward Cullen. -Best Jacob Black Fansite- Open to websites with their focus on Jacob Black.

Individuals -Best Twilighter on Twitter- Open to all Twilights on Twitter* -Top Male Twilighter- Open to all male Twilighters that have a personal blog or webpage. -Top Female Twilighter- Open to all Female Twilighters that have a personal Blog or webpage. -BestTwilight Blog- Open to everyone with a twilight-themed blog.*

The award nomination period was during February 2009. [239]


There is a small but dedicated community to Twilight on InsaneJournal. Much of the community is dedicated to role playing games.


There are a number of Twilight fans on JournalFen but the only community solely focused on the books or fandom is sparklefield. It is "a comm for Twilight-related wank, not excluding general Twilight hate, thoughts on Twilight, discussion of Twilight actors, and conversations about Stephenie Meyer." It was created on September 1, 2008 and as of November 11, 2009, it had 430 members.[250]


There is a tiny community on LinkedIn with only two communities dedicated to Twilight. The community is not influential in terms of the impact in the broader community.

One of the two communities on LinkedIn is TWILIGHTERSANONYMOUS.COM. [251] As of November 12, 2009, the community has nine members and is not very active. [252] The other group is Twilight Lover and as of November 12, 2009 had two members. [253]


There is a large, active fan base for the books and movies on LiveJournal. These communities range in topic from general discussion, to fanworks, to rpgs. Membership in these LiveJournal communities can range from a handful to tens of thousands.

On January 22, 2008, the Twilight LiveJournal rec community twilightficrecs was created. [254]

See List of Twilight LiveJournal communities for more information.

Message boards

Screenshot of Twilight Sucks Forum

Message boards are important to the Twilight fandom. One important one is Twilight Sucks Forum. As of June 12, 2009, it has over 457,168 posts. [255]


There are a number of wikis dedicated to Twilight, with 20 of them found on Wikia alone. Below is a partial list of these wikis:

Wikia was giving away prizes for people who commented on their blog on their Twilight related wiki. [256] This was done to encourage people to contribute to their largest and most visible Twilight wiki.

National Communities


There is a Facebook group for Queensland, Australia fans of the books and movies. [257] As of November 14, 2009, it has 681 members. The group has had get togethers.

Fandom Members

See Twilight fans for a directory of members of the fandom.

Fandom Size

Quantifying the size of Twilight fandom is near impossible, as it is so vast and ranging over so many different internet forums. Over 4 million users of Facebook identify themselves as fans of Twilight. Over 700,000 people have friended the official Twilight MySpace page.[258] The amount of fanworks produced about the series is staggering. The snapshots below look at the growth of Twilight fanworks and popularity in various forums.

December 2007

As of December 13, 2007, there were 30 stories on FanLib. [259]

As of December 27, 2007, there were 33 stories on FanLib and [260] 265 fans on FanPop. [261]

As of December 27, 2007, there were 11,628 stories 147 communities, and 124 forums on FanFiction.Net.

June 2008

As of June 25, 2008, there were 26,134 stories, 340 communities and 190 forums on FanFiction.Net. [262]

As of June 25, 2008, there were 637 stories, 56 videos, 43 images, 32 poems, 4 screenplays and 3 lyrics on FanLib. [263]

April 2009

As of April 17, 2009, there were 76,052 stories, 990 communities and 415 discussion forums on FanFiction.Net.[264]

November 2009

As of November 11, 2009, there were 115,822 stories, 1,685 Communities and 560 discussion Forums on FanFiction.Net.[265] A search on YouTube returned 381,000 videos for "Twilight".[266]

As of November 12, 2009, the LinkedIn community TWILIGHTERSANONYMOUS.COM has nine members. [267] As of November 12, 2009, the LinkedIn community Twilight Lover had two members. [268]

As of November 14, 2009, Queensland Twilight Fandom on Facebook has 681 members. [269]


See also Twilight fan fiction community size, Twilight group.

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Discussion and essays

See Twilight discussion and essays for more information.

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