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Main cast of Torchwood.

Torchwood is a British science fiction television series, created by Russell T Davies. It is a spin-off of Doctor Who and closely interlinked in canon and mythology with that series, focusing on the Cardiff branch of the Torchwood Institute, which investigates and deals primarily with incidents involving extraterrestrials.

The series developed a strong fanbase both within and outside of Doctor Who fandom. In particular, the canon bisexuality of the main character, Captain Jack Harkness and the series' exploring the sexuality of the other characters has lead it having a huge popularity within slash fandom. There are also strong fandoms based around some of the het ships on the show, canon and non-canon.

The fandom has produced a wide variety of fanworks to date including fanfiction, fan art, fanzines, and songvids. Lengthy, serialized stories are very popular and prevalent in the fandom, much of it focusing on shipping.[1] Torchwood fandom has a strong presence on LiveJournal and has been well-represented at various conventions and fan gatherings since the series' launch in 2006.

Main cast

The main cast for Torchwood includes:

Recurring and important guest characters include:


As with any ensemble-cast television series, shipping is popular among the fandom members and comes in many varieties and almost every possible combination, both canon and non-canon based. A list of popular ships within Torchwood fandom (ranked in order of their popularity based on postings to torchwood_fic as of January 2009) includes:

  1. Jack/Ianto
  2. Jack/Gwen
  3. Gwen/Rhys
  4. Owen/Gwen
  5. Ianto/Owen
  6. Jack/The Doctor
  7. Owen/Toshiko
  8. Ianto/Toshiko
  9. Jack/Jack
  10. Ianto/Lisa
  11. Jack/Toshiko


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  • On October 17, 2005, the LiveJournal community torch_wood was founded. It would host fanfiction for the Torchwood fandom as well as discussion, icons, fanart and miscellaneous Torchwood-related news.



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Influential Stories

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Fandom Members

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Fandom Size

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