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General History

UMF History

  • UMF was born as the result of two fans - Tina and Theresa - making contact through the Tiger-List and beginning to swap Duran Duran fanfic via snail mail. Having thought she was the only one crazy enough to put forth the effort to write an entire legitimate story, Tina was incredibly moved by the fiction she received from Theresa. She wanted to make it easier for fans to share these stories. Since the Internet was still a novelty at the time, a print zine was the obvious choice.
  • At the time, Tina was also working on the 'zine Major Duran Duran. But, even as a co-founder, being a full-time student, she knew she couldn't pursue the idea for a fan fiction zine at the same time. She left Major Duran Duran, contacted Duran's management Left Bank, and floated the idea for a fan fiction zine.
  • The first issue of UMF, the Zine for the Creative Duranie contained mostly stories written by Tina and Theresa. The 'zine's name was chosen, basically, because it was the title of Tina's favorite song on Duran Duran's current album. Both Prince and Duran Duran were using the acronym to stand for 'Ultimate Mind Fuck'.
  • A tiny first run of ten issues was printed by a chain photocopy shop and advertised on the Tiger-List.


  • Issue #1 ([1]) 200 page Duran fanfic zine premieres in December. First zine to publish Duran slash. (5459) Editors worked with the band's management, Left Bank, to ensure zine is on the list of "official" fanzines, including agreeing to send their managers a copy of each issue.


  • Additional reprints of Issue #1 are run to meet demand.
  • Issue #2, first issue with slash content published in December (5459). First slash cover ([2]).
  • In December, during a chat in the DD Lives forum on America Online, John's (now ex) wife Amanda DeCadenet requests a copy of Issue #1.


  • Issue #3 ([3]) published in May.
  • The UMF website launched. First website to feature Duran fanfic, contains excerpts fic as advertisement for the zine. (5459)
  • Issue #4 ([4]) published in August.
  • September: During the B5 listening party for John Taylor's first solo album, his personal assistant Bev Raff tells UMF Editors that she saw Issue # 1 on John and Amanda's coffee table earlier that year.
  • UMF featured in Privacy, The Warren Cuccurullo fanzine, Issue #13.


  • UMF Editor featured in The Groove fanzine, Issue #10, January 1996.
  • Issue #5 ([5]) published in January.
  • Issue #6 ([6]) published in April and reprinted in June.
  • Issue #7 ([7]) published in August.


  • Issue #8 published in March, commemorates John Taylor leaving the band by having only a plain black cover. Reprinted in September.
  • UMF website renamed "The Lovely Blue Planet of There", containing full stories; the first DD website devoted solely to fan creativity, and the first to publish slashfic. Editor spoke with Duran Duran's management at the time (Left Bank) and received agreement that fanfic (even slash) could be posted online so long as a disclaimer was included. The text of the disclaimer on the website has remained largely unchanged from what was agreed upon. (5459)
  • UMF and DUCK! publish a joint issue known as UMFD! ([8]) in December. This is UMF Issue #9.


  • Issue #10 ([9]). This is the 'zine's final issue, and it is published in December.


  • Final back issues are sold out in March.

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