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Fan Fiction Stat Bot is a bot created for Fan History. It is currently being run in order to help Fan History better understand what is going on in fandom by generating data regarding the amount of content being uploaded to various archives.



What is the purpose of Fan Fiction Stat Bot?

  • To monitor the number of new stories published in specific fandoms on a daily basis.
  • To help Fan History generate content by having data from which people can write meta.
  • To give Fan History more historical data.
  • To better understand how fan fiction archives run.
  • To better understand trends in fandom.

Known issues

Fan Fiction Stat Bot has several known issues in creating articles.

  • Tables are not sortable.

Privacy concerns

Fan Fiction Stat Bot uses information that is publicly available on the archives being mentioned and is in compliance with robots.txt files. The information is non-identifiable in the it does not connect to specific users.

Article creation

Articles created by Fan Fiction Stat Bot can be found in Fan fiction community size.

Article updates

Fan Fiction Stat Bot was created to update articles daily.

Article examples

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