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LiveJournal Bot is a bot created for Fan History. It is currently being run in order to help Fan History create a better directory of members of fandom, improve articles about LiveJournal users and members of fandom. It creates articles about members of fandom on LiveJournal if the LiveJournal user has decided not to exclude bots from accessing their profiles and where an article with the same name has not already been created on Fan History.



What is the purpose of LiveJournal Bot?

  • To increase the speed of adding new articles. Most of the information that LiveJournal Bot is gathering had previously been manually added by Fan History contributors.
  • Helping members of fandom find out what happened to their favorite authors.
  • Documenting wank, fights, good works and other things done by members of fandom that deserve recognition.
  • Ferreting out plagiarism by having a place where people can easily find dates for when authors, fan artists and vidders created their works.
  • Creating the first comprehensive fandom directory that anyone can edit in order to improve the quality of the directory.
  • Centralizing information about fandom when things are becoming more decentralized.
  • Preserving the history of fandom and documenting what members have been doing.

Known issues

Known issues with LiveJournal Bot:

Privacy concerns

LiveJournal Bot only includes people who have chosen NOT to minimize their journal's inclusion in search engine results. If a user has chosen to minimize their inclusion, an article based on their LiveJournal name will not be created by this bot.

If an article has not yet been created about you and you are worried that an article may still be created about you, go to Privacy Settings on LivaJournal's Viewing Options and check the box that says "Minimize your journal's inclusion in search engine results. Selecting this option also means that your entries will not be publicized at external sites that have content partnership with LiveJournal." If you check this box after an article has already been created, the article about you will not be deleted and you will need to follow the procedures outlined on Help:Article deletion to request the articles removal.

Information that the bot includes in an article is information that is available on your profile. It does not include any confidential, non-public information. If you are worried about information on your profile being used in this way, you are encouraged to remove that information from your profile and to exclude robots from accessing your profile.

Article creation

Articles created by LiveJournal Bot can be found in LiveJournal users and on Special:Contributions/LiveJournal_Bot.

Article updates

LiveJournal Bot was created as a one time user bot. Once an article is created by the bot, it will not be updated by the bot again.

Article examples

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