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Oh hai.

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Contact and wiki administrivia

If you need to reach me regarding any administrative duties here, or questions regarding the wiki, either leave a note on my discussion page or email me at -- and please put "FanHistory" in your subject line so the email doesn't get lost in my junk filter. I am on-line to check my mail at least once a day unless traveling and will try to assist as soon as I am able.

Bias statement

I have added a bias statement to my profile to make it clear which specific articles and areas of the wiki I will not be active in editing or administering, because of my own personal biases or perceived biases. If you have issues with these areas of the wiki, please ask one of the other administrators to attempt to resolve the matter.

The basic facts

sidewinder: still not caito.[1]

sidewinder has been a member of fandom, in some form or another, for about as long as she can remember. She wrote her first slash story in 1997 and has been active in various media and band fandom communities on-line. She is one of the sysops on FanHistory and is available for contact through the methods below for any administrative-related issues and concerns you might have.

sidewinder's first story on record is an A-Team slash story, "Just An Interesting Plot Twist", published by Sockii Press in the fanzine Whatever Gets You Through The Night #1 in 1997. Active writing in media fandom for several years, she moved from A-Team fandom into Babylon 5, writing several short slash and femmeslash pieces before becoming heavily involved in Joxer fandom in Xena. In 1999 she was one of the first active writers on the Master and Apprentice mailing list and archive, before becoming involved in Brimstone fandom and becoming known for her Devil/Ezekiel Stone stories.

In 2003 she posted her first Bandfic story, "No Apologies", about The Police and has been active in Real Person Fic communities, particularly those associated with (classic) rock musicians, since then. She is a member of the Rockfic archive and has been published by RockFic Press, and runs several communities on livejournal for bandfic.







Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists this person belonged to at some point.


Popular stories by this author.



  • Best Xenaverse Series for "Moments of Transition" in the first joxerotica mailing list awards.
  • Most angst-filled story or series for "Moments of Transition" in the first joxerotica mailing list awards.
  • Best characterization of a non-Ted character in a story or series (Ares) for "Moments of Transition" in the first joxerotica mailing list awards.

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