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Happily married mother of three, Tikatu has been writing Thunderbirds fanfiction since 2003.

She has a particular hatred of plagiarism as she has been plagiarized herself, and knows what it is.

Her job is to patrol edits. Yes, she patrols every single edit, looking to see that they fall in line with the site's rules, so spammers beware! You will be found out! She also lurrrrves batchpatrol, when it's working. Makes her duties at Fan History a lot easier. She is also the official banhammer, and queen of the rollback command.

My userboxes

sysop This user is an administrator of this wiki.
Nu This user is willing to help new people here at the wiki
This user is American.
LJ This is the LiveJournal user tikatu
JF This is the JournalFen user tikatu
This user reads Tintin comics.
IR This user is a
proud auxiliary agent for
International Rescue.
This user knows that
"pink is this year's black".
This user is a loyal minion of
Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius.

This user writes fan fiction.
This user reads fan fiction.
FL This user was proudly archived on FanLib because of the cool prizes, good stories and great friends.

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