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WisCon At WisCon 33, there was controversy over the moderation of the panel titled Take Back the SciFi, which was to focus on the use of rape and sexual assault in science fiction writing and the influence of rape culture in the genre. An official statement was offered by the convention after the fact, addressing how male sexual assault and victims were marginalized in the discussion.[1],[2],[3],[4]


Men and Rape

The WisCon situation led to a number of posts that explored the issues of men and rape that were linked on metafandom and passed through the meta community. These posts explored general issues regarding rape and men from the perspective of females involved in science fiction fandom and media fandom.

One post was by cereta on June 5, 2009 titled "On rape and men (Oh yes, I'm going there)". [5] The post turned wanky when a male referenced in the post showed up to comment in reply. The privilege card was subsequently pulled out. Wiz's reply to the post was:

I've rescued plenty of girls from this kind of situation (last one about 2 months ago who got roofied), and despite being somewhat good looking, intelligent, and outgoing, I am single. The problem is that for some reason girls are drawn to the other type of guys. They want guys to take advantage of them. They wear low cut skirts to bars to get guys to look at them and try to game them. Maybe deep down they don't want to have sex, but for some reason they think they're 'cool' if they can get the guys that DO want to have sex interested in them... and many of them think that they need to drink in order to be 'cool' as well. As if drinking makes them any more desirable at all. Only to the guys that know it gets them closer to getting laid. God, drunk girls, I tell you, so unattractive to me, and so attractive to so much of the male populace.
The problem is that women are not attracted to men that aren't like that, therefore most men are like that. I'm currently single and not having children while the population of girls and men that are involved in this 'rape problem' are off creating tons of babies with genes like their own.
I see TOTAL creepsters that just want to fuck as many girls as they possibly can being looked at as 'cool'. They have spent hours reading books to figure out how to get your phone number and what to say so that you're thinking about them - even being purposely mean to you to make you insecure... and you fall prey to them... and instead call the guy at the coffee shop reading a book by himself creepy.. because he's shy/lonely/whatever, because he doesn't come over and talk to you and immediately start 'gaming' you, he's creepy. Right.
I have never had sex with a girl I didn't love and have a good relationship with for at least a month, and yes most of my friends call me gay because of it.
Where am I ? I'm playing video games, usually. I joined a running club from meetup.com, but don't go after girls in it like most of the other guys that don't understand its not hookup.com. I race sailboats and most of my interests are in male-dominated fields like artificial intelligence. I coach gymnastics, and every year feel anxious about the fact that I may never have a kid of my own to coach. I'm now 27, in San Diego. Life is good. But I've mostly given up on the 99% of stupid girls in our society that are too dumb to realize they are the problem.. that they prefer guys who aren't "that guy".
notpoetry illustrated this with her post. did she get the number of the guy helping her home? Did she pursue that kind of guy in the future? No!
Girls can be such idiots. Sorry notpoetry, just making a statement based on the evidence. [6]

This situation that first started on cetera's blog ended up spreading across numerous other blogs.

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