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Worldcon is the short name of the World Science Fiction Convention. It is held annually in different locations around the world, with a different group organizing it each year. While Worldcon is not the largest science fiction convention in the world, is is considered one of the most important. The members of the Worldcon, who make up the membership of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), select the annual Hugo Awards, which are generally considered among the most prestigious awards in the field of science fiction and fantasy.

"Worldcon," "World Science Fiction Convention," "WSFS," "World Science Fiction Society," and "Hugo Award" are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society.


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  • Worldcon was first held in 1939, and after a three-year hiatus during World War II, has been held annually since 1946.

Impact on Fandom

Relationship with Star Trek Fandom

The relationship between Star Trek fen and the general science fiction community had been growing more acrimonious for several years preceding 1974. There were several reasons for the schism. One involved the repeated attempts by Star Trek fans to have one of their fanzines win a Hugo Award. They finally succeeded in getting a fanzine nominated in 1974 when Laura Basta and Jacqueline Lichtenberg were both nominated for Best Fan Writer[1] based solely on their Star Trek fan fiction zine material. The science fiction community did not think highly of Star Trek, finding it of an inferior quality, and were afraid that Star Trek would overshadow and marginalize other science fiction being produced at the time. The community was also upset about the amount of Star Trek fen who had invaded their fan space at Worldcon. These factors would set up the great schism and separation that happened later.

Notwithstanding the above, Worldcon members have shown considerable respect for Star Trek. The second pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was screened at the 1966 Worldcon to enthusiastic response[2]. Episodes of Star Trek won the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation in 1967 [3], 1968 [4], and 1993 [5]. The actual relationship between Star Trek fandom and "the science fiction community" is probably not quite as acrimonious as the statement above would make it seem.

List of Worldcons

For a complete list of Worldcons, see the Official List of Worldcons.

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