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Yuri: American fan fiction communities: Female/Female erotica fan fiction. Current American usage not related to origins. Origins: 1971, Anime, Barazoku magazine.

Though should note that this is not entirely 100% accurate as there are multiple citations for this...

Historical Definitions

The following term dates to February 2000 in anime fandom:

Yaoi is an acronym that stands for "yama nashi, oshi nashi, imi nashi" which means no climax, no point, no meaning. It was originally used to describe a manga or doushinji story which had no plot other than to get two male characters in bed with each other. In the transition to the West, it came to be used for text stories as well. Yaoi in itself is a mainly doushinji innovation for such popular manga as Yu*Yu*Hakusho (YYH) and Gundam Wing (GW), a doushinji being a comic based on a particular manga drawn by fans. For original yaoi manga, the term june is more appropriately used. For Western fans, they may be more familiar with the term "slash" which is similar, but not the same as yaoi. The term yuri means basically the same thing, but refers to female - female stories instead. [1]

The following term dates to December 2001 in the Harry Potter fandom:

Yuri: A label found on fanfic, fanart and sometimes even site content—should be considered as a very serious warning. The other (female) side of yaoi—f/f slash (fem slash).[2]

The following definition dates to February 2002 in anime fandom:

YURI - this means "Shoujo ai" Like YAOI, this entails homosexual love...only this time, between girls. [3]

The following definition dates to March 2002 in the Gundam Wing fandom:

Yuri: Girl/Girl Relationships. Basically girls loving other girls. I'm not sure I'll have much of this on my site though...sorry for those of you who like it ^-^ [4]

The following term dates to May 2003 in the Dragon Ball Z fandom:

A type of fic implying girl to girl relationship. Again, we don't write or read or host this kind. Like yaoi, it's an X instead of a slash (/). So it would be CXB (ChichiXBulma) and the like.[5]

The following definition dates to August 2003 in the Gundam Wing fandom:

Yuri: Female/female relationships [6]

The following definition dates to September 2003 in the Kingdom Hearts fandom:

Yuri: Anime fanfic term for girl/girl relationships. Can include sex. [7]

The following definition dates to January 25, 2004 in the anime and manga fandoms:

yuri Involves a female-to-female relationship often synonymous to shoujo-ai, but more erotic in nature.[8]

The following definition dates to May 2004 in the Harry Potter, Horatio Hornblower and Pirates of the Caribbean fandoms:


The following definition dates to October 2005 on MediaMiner.Org by fanilia:

Yuri: Love between women, particularly of a sexual nature.[10]

The following definition is was written by Jane Leavell and updated in June 2006:

YURI: In anime, a distortion of YAOI, referring to PWP stories about lesbian relationships, often tragic.[11]

The following definition dates to September 2006 in anime fandom:

Yuri is basically the same thing as yaoi, except it is focused on women instead of men. The funny thing about Yuri is that no one can seem to pin-point the reason why lesbianism in anime/manga is called Yuri. Some think it was named in honor of a girl named Yuri, which means Lily in Japanese. [12]

The following definition dates to August 2007 in anime fandom:

Yuri: the same as yaoi(see Yaoi above), but with the romance relationship being between two female characters. Yuri relationships are also refered to as "shoujo-ai," meaning "girl's love." [13]

The following definition dates to November 2007 in anime fandom:

Shoujo-ai/Yuri = girl x girl love. Shoujo-ai is fluffier and lighter than yuri [14]

The following definition dates to March 2008 in the Sailor Moon fandom:

Yuri - Means "lily"; the more graphic form of shoujo ai [15]


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan fiction community.


The audience for Yuri is mostly female. One Japanese yuri manga producer supports this by claiming that thirty percent of the people who buy their material is male. [20]

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