An Elf in the Making

The Treasure Convoy

Deichtine had spent several hours listening to old men ramble about the hard times in the tavern. They were all worried about the Duke preparing for war, but had not made a move for months now. It was hard for her to discern one story from another, save one. One man had a very interesting tip.

It had been several months without much progress. Like they had been roaming Wesposia in a trance. Going from village to village without any leads, they felt mentally exhausted. And to make matters worse, they would soon be short on money. It is plausible there is something interesting in this Kingdom, but so far they had been unable to find it.

They found themselves in a small inn, somewhere in Torank, a coastal Duchy, from where they were moving towards the sea. While their lead had run cold in Wesposia, they still had leads elsewhere. But for now, at least, this tip may solve their money problem.

From the Port of Akantosk to the Duchy Capital, ran the famous Torank Treasure Convoy. Torank was rich because of its ports, and the convoy was known to contain enormous riches. The man's eyes lit up as he talked about all the gold that he had never seen. He had been caught several times trying to steal the gold.

But what truly caught Deichtine was he detailed description of its route, and in particular how they changed horses and guards in a nearby thick forest. “The forest is the key”, the man explained. “If one is ever to steal their gold, that is where you'd do it.”

He sighed, as he leaned back. “I just have not been able to figure it out. They tease you with their apparent complacency, as they change guards and horses away from the wagons themselves. It's almost as they want you to attempt. But that small thick forest means they can surround it while they change, so one gets in or out. You'd have to stay the night there!”

He took another big sip of his beer, “and if you are lucky enough to steal one of their chests, they are all built with some sort of magical tracker.” He clinched his fist in the air, “I've been so close!” His anger quickly turned into tears.

While the man was clearly drunk, Deichtine was intrigued, and wanted to confirm the man's story. A feat, the next day, that was easy to accomplish. But every time, the advice was the same; do not bother with that which you are considering, the convoy is impossible to rob. Deichtine, however, had already drafted a plan, for which the convoy's guards would not be prepared.

She went to her mistress and friend, Adonatille, who was still sitting in their room, going through several books. Deichtine was above average in height, but her size paled in comparison to her elven friend. Adonatille was a unique sight, wherever she went, with a bosom that extended two thirds her height in front of her. She was hardly a short woman either, yet always in high heel boots, she was towering wherever she went.

She turned to face the excitable human, who immediately told her of the convoy and her plan. Two days from now, at noon, another scheduled convoy would past through the forest, when they would strike.

They had spent the night in the forest. The under brush was thick, and the trees were almost unnaturally close to one another, making it occasionally hard for Adonatille to pass between two trees. They had managed to find a small clearing for their camp-site. But already in the wee hours of the morning, had they heard guards riding through the road of the forest, already sealing it off.

The convoy arrived at noon, as scheduled. The guards went from their wagons further down the road. While they were absence, the two women immediately started sneaking towards one of the wagons. True to description, the wagon was full of chests. One would be safe to presume treasure chests.

Another unique aspect of Adonatille was her cleavage. As Deichtine got up on the wagon, she began lowering the heavy chests down into the elf's cleavage, where they simply disappeared one by one. Six chests they decided was enough, and as the sixth was lowered into the cleavage. Deichtine herself went inside afterwards. The elf immediately began moving quickly off the road and through the forest.

They would have been able to store far more than six chests, if they had had the time.Shadowpencil

She moved quickly through the thick under brush. Soon came the calls; the guards had discovered the missing chests. Immediately they were orders to scatter to find the stolen cargo.

The forest was small, and soon Adonatille stood out in a picturesque grassy meadow. But the scenery was soon interrupted by the arrival of two guards on horseback. Their expressions were initially perplexed by the elf's voluptuous physique, however their interrogation hinted that they did not think she was the culprit.

“Have you seen someone pass through the forest?” asked the guard who had regained his complexion fastest. “No, I'm sorry”, the elf responded innocently. “I was spending the night nearby, and decided to leave when I heard the commotion.”

“Well, there has been a highway robbery against our convoy”, the same guard explained. “Should you see anything suspicious, please report it. We must be off!” The guards rode off quickly. Adonatille smiled, and started moving quickly around the meadow, back towards the main road and the inn.

Sisters of Akantosk

Wesposia may have been a large Kingdom, but its scenery had been fairly similar, save the interior mountain range. But less mosaic were the people. From County to County, Duchy to Duchy, the people of Wesposia were all the same. There may be a unique celebration or building, but waking up anywhere, it was hard to tell where in the Kingdom one was.

Akantosk was nothing like the rest of the Realm. Count Oktavor was a ruthless man. And the effect of his terror could be felt immediately after crossing the border. The villagers were fearful of when his soldiers would come through their village again. The Count's paranoia had made him fear for his life, so he would terrorise his County to ensure any potential rebels remained neutralised.

The County's richness meant that while his subjects suffered, the Count's coffers remained full, and his soldiers well-paid, unwilling to limit the Count's aggressive behaviour. Even the Duke felt powerless to intervene. He had watched with horror as Count Oktavor had killed all of his own family to ensure his son, and heir apparent, was the only successor to the County. Only the Count's own sister had escaped his wrath.

The Barons of the two main port cities in Akantosk had begged the Duke for help, but the Duke had no legal authority to intervene. And with the Duke planning an invasion of the neighbouring Duchy for some time, he could not risk upsetting the Count, seeing as he would need his money and his soldiers in time of war. However the Count's ruthless and unpredictable behaviour had so far put the Duke's plans on permanent hiatus.

The stalemate, however, now seemed poised to be resolved. Last month, the Count's only son died in a hunting accident. Reports and rumours had begun swirling that it was no accident at all, further fuelling the Count's paranoia, locking himself up in his Keep, surrounding himself with his most loyal men. Regardless of whether it was true, the Count's opponents smelled an opportunity.

“They call themselves the Sisters of Akantosk”, Deichtine explained to Adonatille in their room, about a meeting she had had that morning in the tavern. “They seek to kill the Count, so his sister will inherit the throne. His own son died a month ago, and that has made his patrols around the County even more ruthless, if you can believe that.”

“I have the greatest sympathy for their cause”, Adonatille said, reflecting on the terror they had seen in people's eyes travelling through the County. “The Count is clearly an apoplectic tyrant. But I don't see how we can help.”

“The thing is, I think we might be able to help”, her companion moved closer to the elf. This got her attention, “oh?” “They need to get into his Keep, which is well protected. But I thought, through you they might be able to get inside...” The elf understood.

“Wouldn't his soldiers simply attack me if I were to approach?” the elf pondered. Deichtine chuckled, “it is well known that the Count has an extreme weakness for attractive women, and his men are ordered to keep an out for ones to bring him. You would simply approach his Keep as a damsel in distress, because your wagon broke down travelling through the woods.”

She decided to meet with this group. They were extremely dedicated and competent, which gave Adonatille enough confidence that she was willing to help them. They laid out their plan, appearing at the Keep, when as many as possible of the Count's men were out on patrols. They trained for several days, hours each, to ensure a successful attack. On the day to strike, the 14 assassins climbed into Adonatille's cleavage together with Diechtine.

Adonatille had dressed rather formal for the occasion, to appear truly as a member of high society. Even if the Count was truly weak in the knee for her, it would also be important none of his men got ticked off by an implausible story. She would not be the first woman to visit the Count's Keep. Others had done so at their own peril, Adonatille was not about to do that.

The ploy worked. It did not take long for two guards to notice her, and as she told the made up story, two additional guards opened the gate to let her in. Inside, the captain told her, that the Count himself would like to see her. “I would be honoured”, she said, as she thanked the soldiers, who were all mesmerised by the elf's unusual physique.

In the small throne room, the Count had decorated his halls elaborately, using all the money he had confiscated in Akantosk's lucrative ports. He was clearly taken aback by what stood before him. Never had he seen a woman like this. Adonatille aimed her bosom to point straight at the Count, as she knelled saying “I owe my life to you and your men”, she held her hands together over her cleavage to drop a pearl into her ravine.

They had spent several hours training getting out of Adonatille's rift as fast as possible.Shadowpencil

Suddenly, a crossbow appeared, firing off its bolt, hitting the Count in the head. Everything from thereon happened fast. The first assassin emerged fast, and took position on the elf's right breast to get some height, shooting at the guards that were drawing swords. Just as quickly, the next assassin began to emerge, and Deichtine had placed herself near Adonatille's head to manage the assassins' emergence. The assassins were fast, and some of the guards still remained perplexed by what was happening, that the assassins had the entire Court Guard neutralised before they knew what hit them.

The deed done, the assassins hid back in Adonatille's cleavage again, before she left the throne room. The fight had been quick, and the soldiers outside had not taken any notice. They were a little surprised that she was leaving against so suddenly, but she explained to them that the Count had given her a small wagon for her ride back to town. They were not quite sure what to believe, but if it was not true, the Count would not had let her leave. So they granted her a wagon, and she rode out of the Keep, with no one suspecting what had happened in the throne room.

It would not take long, however, for a soldier to get suspicious enough to check. But considering their own distaste for the Count, they did not sound the alarm. Instead they sent word to his sister about what had happened.

While it would be a month before the Countess would finally arrive in Akantosk, a strong sense of relief was felt across the entire County almost immediately.

“You are a hero to all of Akantosk and Toransk”, the leader of the Sisters of Akantosk told Adonatille, when they had found a quiet place outside of a small village. “We're just happy to help”, the elf smiled.

“I don't know what I can ever do to repay you”, the assassin explained. Adonatille thought for a moment, “we are trying to find passage for Port Erina, on the other side of the Gulf, but we need a merchant we can trust.”

The leader smiled, “well, I think I might be able to help you there”.

A Walking Cargo Hold

Four weeks had passed on the open sea. The Caterian Gulf had offered them a calm passage so far, having seen no troubles, neither weather nor pirates. And in mere two weeks time, they would be safe in Port Erina. And having spent more than three years in Wesposia, they were itching to see a different scenery than dense forests and snowy winters.

Specifically, a tailor in Port Erina had sent Adonatille a letter, informing her of an exotic new fabric, that she believed to have magical properties. Adonatille was always interested in unusual fabrics, regardless of its magical properties. Additionally, the letter also hinted at a potential lead in their search to discover Adonatille's origins.

It was a clear day, with few clouds scattered on the blue sky, the temperature had been risen steadily the past few days, while the heavy breeze made the warmth bearable. The Caterian Gulf may be famous for its numerous islands, but the direct route to Port Erina from Akantosk skipped most of the islands within the Gulf, and, as such, most days standing on deck, all one could see was ocean.

On occasion, another vessel would pass by, but the sailing had not yet offered anything remarkable so far. Here again, they stood, noticing what appear to be another vessel on the horizon. This would not be the first time, so they did not give it much thought until the lookout shouted, “pirates!”

The captain immediately appeared from his cabin. “How many?” “Two caravels” came the response. His heart sank. It was pretty clear he knew they were done for.

“We cannot outrun two caravels. Even if we turn around right now”, he explained to the ladies. “Let's just hope they will spare our lives. I will do my utmost to ensure your protection.” He turned to his crew, “let's prepare to dump the cargo when we are close!”

“Why are you dumping the cargo?” Deichtine asked, but sort of realising the answer while asking. The captain explained, “the pirates are only interested in the cargo, they don't want a ship like this, and they don't need more crew. If we dump the cargo, they mostly likely won't bother.”

He sighed. “It feel so defeatist to dump the cargo, but I cannot let them feel that they are profiting from piracy!”

“Adonatille and I may be able to help you there. You'll still be appearing to dumping your cargo, but you won't actually be.”

“You mean emptying the crates in the cargo hold? You must be mad. We'd never get the cargo off the ship! I'd be stuck in Port Erina for months.”

“I think Deichtine has something more sophisticated in mind”, Adonatille smiled at the captain. “Come, let me show you.” She lead the captain and her companion down to the cargo hold. She pointed at one crate, “this one contains spirits, right?”

“Yeah, they are likely to fetch a good price in Erina. These spirits are pure, compared to what they usually drink there”, the captain explained, still not entirely sure what the two women were getting at.

“Do you mind if we open it?” the elf asked. “I guess not”, the captain frowned, thinking about the precious cargo he would be dumping in an hour's time.

The crate had numerous glass bottles with a clear liquid scattered around a large portion of hay, protecting the cargo. “Deich', would you be so kind?” Adonatille smiled to her companion, as Deichtine climbed up on the elf, and soon disappeared into Adonatille's cleavage. The captain was dumbstruck, he lowered himself to look underneath, but the woman was gone.

He merely stared at Adonatille, who was merely smiling back, waiting for Deichtine to reappear. And in a moment, her head jumped back up from her cleavage, “it's ready”. “Go ahead”, the elf instructed. Soon, Deichtine was moving the bottles from the crate and lowering them into Adonatille's cleavage, where they disappeared safely one by one, taking care not to break any of the bottles.

“Essentially, we would hide all your cargo in my cleavage”, Adonatille turned to captain, as Deichtine continued to lower bottles into her cleavage. The captain wanted to ask how it was possible, but felt like it might be a better use of their time to ask more practical questions.

“I have 34 crates of cargo, do you think it could all fit?” he asked, staring at the elf's cleavage. “Easily”, she replied. “And what about the weight of it all?” “Not a problem”, she assured him.

Clearing his throat, “but we would have to move faster than this”, noticing that Deichtine had not yet emptied the crate. She looked up, “I will be inside the cleavage, receiving cargo, as you unload it, and take care to store it safely.”

“You should probably be two down there”, the captain reflected. He called over two crew mates, and asked one of them to climb down Adonatille's cleavage, and she complied. Her and Deichtine were now inside the elf's rift, while the captain, Adonatille and a few other crew mates began lowering the cargo down.

There was a lot of cargo, it took the better part of an hour to empty all the crates. “Must be pretty packed down there”, the captain nodded to his crew mate, as the crew mate and Deichtine re-emerged from the elf's cleavage. “Actually, we could easily fit double the cargo of this ship in there”, she responded.

“And you don't feel the load?” he turned to the elf again. “Nope”, she bemused as she bounced her breasts while turning to emphasis the point. “But now we need to dump the crates”, Deichtine intervened.

The captain instructed the crew mates to reseal the crates, so they would not appear empty when dumped. And asked them to carry them up on deck.

Up on deck, the pirate ships were very close. “You two better hide”, the captain told Deichtine and Adonatille, “I don't want them to get any ideas.”

The pirate ships were close enough now, that they would be easily able to see that they were dumping the cargo. And so the captain ordered the dumping. One by one, the large crates were flung overboard, and began drifting behind the ship.

After the dumping, the lookout reported, that the pirates clearly appeared not to be interested in their ship any more, but were chasing the crates.

“What will they do once they discovered the crates are empty?” Deichtine asked. “By that point, they will be so far away, that they would not be able to catch up”, the captain chuckled.

At Port Erina, Deichtine and the same crew mate, began unloading the cargo from Adonatille's own cargo hold. Not being in a hurry this time, it took considerably longer, but was less exhausting. When the elf approached the captain to pay for the trip, he laughed. “You saved my cargo! I should be the one paying you!”

He took some of the finer wares from his cargo, and lowered them between her breasts, “here, have some of my cargo. Even if you don't care much for the stuff, it will still fetch you a pretty penny in town.” He smiled. “And thank you again, you two are always welcome on-board my ship!”

After six weeks of sailing, the two were happy to be back on land. Now they just needed to see to that tailor.

The Woman in the Caves

Dreams had been Adonatille's only connection to her origins. But the meanings were vague, and the pictures fuzzy. Of only two things she was certain; that there is a goddess looking after her, and the same deity wants her to do something. But she did not know who the goddess were, no expert she had talked to had been able to interpret the dreams for her.

But through some of these, she had learnt of a famous witch down south, that might be able to help. But none of them knew how to approach her. Her elusiveness was part of her infamy. “She will approach you” would be the common refrain. “But being nearby wouldn't hurt” had been her motivation for finally travelling across the Gulf to Katarak.

Her search began in earnest six years ago, just after she had hired Deichtine. Having built up a small wealth with ease, she had grown an affection for clothes and boots in particular. With there seemingly being no limit to how many she could store in her cleavage, her clothing greed knew no bounds. But it became harder and harder to locate her own belongings, and she decided to hire Deichtine, who was 14 at the time, to help manage her cleavage.

One of her best decisions, Adonatille would often reflect. Deichtine's father was a carpenter. And with her his only child, he had decided to train her in the craft from an early age. Unfortunately, he dead a few months before she met Adonatille, and when no one wanted to hire a young girl to be their apprentice, she found work in a local inn, where they met. The elf was surprised to learn later of Deichtine's young age.

Deichtine had found new use for her craft helping Adonatille manage her cavern, and sort through all the items the two would pick up on their travels. But Deichtine had also been the primary motivational factor for Adonatille's search of her own origins, as her upbringing had always be shrouded in mystery, including to herself.

For the first time in several years, they now felt they had a strong lead. And all they had to do was wait for this famous witch to approach them. The strongest rumours suggested she lived in the foothill of the mountains running as the spine of Karatak. But no one knew anything with exaction. “Your best bet is to simply camp out there and wait for her”, the tailor in Port Erina had suggested. And so, this is what they did.

Generally, the two preferred an inn for resting, particularly Adonatille, as Deichtine could always sleep in the elf's chasm. But there was something relaxing about camping where there was no rush. The climate was nice and warm, the scenery a mosaic landscape of meadows, lakes and sand banks. Far less vegetation than Wesposia, that was certain.

Every morning, Adonatille would change into a different pair of boots, preferably a pair she hadn't worn in a while. Deichtine had established a system, that kept track of when each pair had last been worn, ensuring that she would generally suggest boots that best fit this criteria. But in the end, it was also the elf's decision, and with plenty of time on her hand, she decided to be more picky about the choice of boots.

With so many different pairs of boots, deciding which pair to wear could theoretically take long enough that it would be dusk when she had decided.Shadowpencil

For over an hour, Deichtine would showcase at least seventy different pairs, before Adonatille finally decided on one. “You are doing this deliberately” Deichtine smirked another time the elf decided against a pair. “It's more fun to pick between all my lovely pairs of boots than just sit and wait.” “Easy for you to say, I'm the one who has to do all the running.”

Nothing much happened for most of the day, and it was creeping late into afternoon, when they considered where to move camp-site. “We could be here for weeks”, Deichtine frowned as she threw another rock at the trunk of a tree.

“Adonatille, I presume?” came a sudden voice from behind the same tree, that stunted Deichtine, so she fell back from the rock she was sitting on. A tall slender figure appeared from behind the tree, with a long red hair and red robes, Deichtine could not grasp how she had missed her. Not to mention the fact, that while slender in build, her chest was a third of Adonatille's size, which might have been described as enormous, if she had not been here.

The tall woman, even taller than the elf including her heels, approached Adonatille with a smile. “It's fascinating to finally meet you”, the woman said. “I'm that witch you've been looking for”, she laughed. “Come, let me show you to my workshop.”

“You're a hard woman to find”, Adonatille told the witch, as she began leading the way.

“Unlike you, who must really stand out in a crowd”, the witch bemused herself as she moved into a ravine between two cliffs. “Speak for yourself”, the elf nodded in the direction of the witch's chest.

“Oh these”, the witch laughed as she squished them, drawing what felt like a curtain, that looked like the cliff, revealing a wooden lift. “I once tried to see how large I could make my own breasts”, she stepped onto the lift, which with all three women on-board felt rather cramped. “I stopped here, because there seemed to be no limit. And I still liked having some idea of where I'm stepping.”

She lowered the lever, and the lift began lowering itself through the ravine. She laughed for a moment, and then thought about what she just said, “how do you know where you're stepping?” “I sense it”, Adonatille replied. “It's almost as if my feet are guided whenever I step. Magic, I'd imagine. Some sort. In fact, walking is one of my unique talents, well besides my most unique one”, she gestured towards her chest's divide.

“One time, Deichtine and I were running late, and there were no traffic on this road for some reason, I'd been walking for two days straight, and I needed to mediate to regain some energy, but we couldn't stop, because there was no time. So I slept while walking that night.”

“In high heels?” the witch had noticed the elf's boots. “Always in high heels”, the elf explained. “I never go anywhere without a pair of high heeled boots. And I have a huge collection of them”, to which Deichtine nodded.

“So in simple terms”, the witch looked straight at her. “You cannot misstep, and walking does not tire you.” “Exactly.” “Impressive”, the Witch said, as the lift finally stopped. They entered into what looked like a natural cave, but with strategic carving to make room for living.

“This is my workshop”, she introduced them. “Or lair, as some would say.” All around were numerous shelves with various unusual items besides books, and so were the tables full of. Potions, experiences, and so forth filled the Witch's workshop. “I apologise for the mess, but I never really clean, because I never really have visitors.”

She gestured for them to sit down at one of the few tables that was not entirely cluttered. “But the fact that you can walk from the two extremes of this continent without stopping is not why you are here”, the witch said, as the three sat down, and pointed towards Adonatille's chest. “Indeed”, the elf started. “I am looking to discover my origins, and my purpose.”

“You believe you have a purpose?” the witch's eye widen a bit. “I am convinced that I was somehow created by a Goddess, who must surely have a purpose for me”, the elf explained. “Several vivid dreams have - at least to me - made this clear.”

Before the witch could interrupt, Adonatille made her case; “I did not have a childhood. For all my existence, I have looked like this. And if my calculations are correct, I have existed for 12 years now.”

“So you believe yourself to be a construct?” the elf had really gotten the witch's attention. Adonatille cleared her throat, feeling a bit unsure, “it's hard to think about one's existence, particularly how it is different from others'. But I supposed a construct may technically be accurate, but I am an elf like any other elf, with some noticeable exceptions.”

“Quite”, the witch nodded. “I've seen a lot of creatures in my life, and none of them approaches you. No Wizard, Mage or Sorcerer, I know, could possibly have created someone like you, or you specifically. In fact, I would go as bold to claim, that no one on this plane could. And your abilities are clearly not natural.”

“So you believe me?” the elf asked. “Yes”, the witch said. “You're right, the only logical explanation is that of divine intervention. Which unfortunately is not a subject I am an expert in. But I do know one...” “Oh?” “Ah, but I am not leading you to her, without tagging along myself. I won't leave this mystery solved without me.”

“In the meantime, with Deichtine's help, I want to explore your cleavage.” “Be my guest”, Adonatille opened her arms. The two women soon lowered themselves down between the elf's colossal breasts.

Immediately below the opening was a wooden catwalk, with a tiny railing. They both turned on a bit of magic light, as they lit around the cavern. Next to them was a staircase down to the bottom of the cavern, which they immediately began walking down. “Who built all this?” the witch was fascinated by what she saw. “I did”, Deichtine explained. “You are quite diligent” came the compliment. “I don't have magic to help me like you two, so I need to make it easy for me, and others, to get in and out of Adonatille.”

They had walked quite a few stories before they finally reached the bottom, where a large surface of wooden planks were arranged as a floor. Small beams formed what indicated different rooms. Each room, were mostly storage areas, for all sorts of items. Including their pantry and Adonatille's wardrobe, which took up the largest portion of the storage area.

“There must be at least a hundred different boots here”, the witch admired the large boot collection. “Actually, 324 different pair of boots”, Deichtine explained. “In fact, the hardest part of my daily tasks is finding the right pair of boots for her. She can be quite discerning.”

An area, a little off from the storage area, but still had wooden planks for floor, looked noticeably different. “What's that?” the witch asked. “That's where I live”, Deichtine explained. That's where I sleep, and keep quiet, whenever much isn't happening. “What's the longest you've been here?” “One time, I was sick, I spent 4 days resting in here.”

Outside the wooden planks was a soft fabric that covered the remaining portions of the cavern floor and its walls. It was hard to describe what it was, but it was very soft to touch, the softness reminded the witch of a woman's breast. “I just sleep on that”, Deichtine pointed. “But it was too uneven, so I had to build the wooden floors. I'll probably have to think about expanding it at some point.”

The witch looked up, high above them, she could see the small opening leading them back outside. “You could use a lift”, she looked at Deichtine, as she began heading back up the stairs. “I am not sure how to build one”, Deichtine defended herself. “I can definitely help you there”, the witch smiled, as she stepped up to climb back out. The witch's own large bosom made it slightly less elegant for her getting in and out, than Deichtine, but she managed.

“Now I've seen everything”, the witch turned to Adonatille, as she had fully emerged again. “I've heard a lot of stories about my cleavage, but I've never been able to experience it myself”, the elf smiled. “Fortunately, I can trust Deichtine to protect it. That's why I hired her originally.”

“We leave tomorrow”, the witch gave off a clear sense of excitement. “This is going to be quite an adventure”, she smiled.

The Woman in the Mountains

“Turn left here”, the witch directed sitting at the front of Adonatille's cleavage, also slapping the elf's left breast, as she was carrying the witch and Deichtine towards their destination, up through the mountains. While she could make every step without error, she still needed to know which direction they were heading. And with the witch's upper body obscuring her vision, she had to rely on her instructions.

Eventually the path narrowed, with just cliff wall to the left, and its continuation downward on the right. The witch's directions got a bit more frantic, making sure Adonatille did not step too far to the right. “You don't have to worry”, the elf calmed her. “It's actually a lot easier walking here”, she continued without slowing down.

The witch turned to her, with a sense of uncertainty on her face. “All I have to want is to move forward. And since the path is narrow enough, there is only place for my feet to go with every step, so I don't even need to consider how the path turns, my feet will take the right steps.” Sure enough, the path twisted around the side of the mountain, and maintaining pace, Adonatille continued on the path without trouble. The witch, while calmer, was still a bit unsure how to contemplate it all.

“Here we go”, the witch said after several more minutes of silence, as the path took a heavy turn to the right, before turning back to the left. “After this bend, you'll see the place.”

After the bend, the view opened up, and the path started heading up into the pass between the mountains, and there it was, near the peak, built into the mountain side rose a large temple over the mountain pass. The view was breathtaking, so much, that Adonatille for the first time slowed down to take in the view. The building seemed enormous, from their position, making one wonder how any one could have gotten the building material this far up.

They continued towards the temple, as the path opened up, and its neighbouring cliffs became less and less steep. There was a plateau in front of the sanctuary, where the witch and Deichtine got out, to approach the gate.

Deichtine and Adonatille waited behind as the gate opened. “Sofia?” a weak and slightly perplexed voice came from behind the door. “You missed me?” the witch replied gleefully.

The shut open, the woman behind the door was clearly not having it. “You know better than to show up unannounced!”, she cried. “I've been in the middle of a very deep study!” The other woman appeared strikingly similar to Deichtine's and Adonatille's travel companion, the exact same figure, height and bright long red hair. In addition to having a similarly sized bosom. The main difference between the two was how they dressed.

While Sofia covered herself in long red robes, the woman in the doorway wore a far more elaborate arrangement, with jewellery everywhere. Her clothes were also far more colourful, a long skirt, short sleeves, long gloves, and - unlike Sofia - willing to show off as much of her cleavage as possible.

“This is my twin sister, Thekla”, Sofia introduced the woman to the two. When she noticed that Sofia had brought company, her mood changed, particularly noticing the elf's physique. This made Deichtine wonder, “but I thought you said you made your breasts larger yourself.”

“Ah”, Thekla interrupted Sofia's attempt at an answer with a smile. “While I have been divinely bestowed this magnificent chest from my devotion to the gods, my sister got jealous and wanted a pair of her own.” “I wanted to prove that you don't need the gods for everything”, Sofia interjected somewhat frustrated.

The two sisters stood facing one another, chest to chest. Like a lingering moment of tension, until they burst into laughter, and kissed each other. “It's always great seeing you”, Thekla smiled, waiting on her sister. “Introduce me to your friends.”

The sisterly love was strong between the two, but they were also always competing.Shadowpencil

“Right, this is Deichtine and Adonatille.” “Really?” Thekla looked at her sister. “Yes, those are their names.” Thekla turned to the elf, “your name is really Adonatille?” She felt unsure all of the sudden, “yes, why? Is there something unusual about that?”

Sofia interrupted to explain why they were here, believing Adonatille might be a divine creation. “You are probably right with that one,” Thekla started to inspect the elf's physique. “She's got all the tell-tale signs.” “Just my breasts?” the elf wondered. “Look at the palm of your hands, they are perfectly symmetrical”, Thekla explained.

Both Deichtine and Adonatille looked at their hands. And then at one another's hands. And sure enough, while Deichtine's had obvious small differences, Adonatille's hands were perfect mirrors of one another. “Wow”, came her response. “I've never thought of that before.”

“I'm surprised you didn't know”, Thekla looked at her sister. “Of course I knew”, the witch shrugged. “I just figured it was the case because of another detail about her.” She proceeded to lift up Deichtine - somewhat to her surprise - and place her in the elf's cleavage, squeezing her down till she vanished. Thekla stood silent for a moment. Soon after, Deichtine came climbing up again. “You could have warned me, you were going to do that.” “Would have ruined the surprise.”

“You may even be Adonatille”, Thekla gasped holding her hand in front of her mouth.

Adonatille was the name of a heroine, millennia ago. When the soldiers of her city were out trying to stop the invading orc horde, the orcs suddenly attacked the defenceless city. But Adonatille rose up, used the city walls and its defences to their fullest potential, and with the help of the civilians in the city, beat back the orcs almost single-handedly. She was later named “Adonatille”, mean fortress and protector.

“She was quite the legend when the old gods reigned”, Thekla opened a large ancient book. The scripture was unknown to Deichtine and Adonatille, but it included an illustration of a woman, who - besides a much smaller bosom - looked strikingly like the elf herself. “This was Adonatille”, Thekla pointed at the illustration. “She is credited with saving human civilisation. Not a small feat, but probably an exaggeration.”

“I thought you were a devoted believer in the ancient gods”, her sister feigned a surprise. “Surely you cannot dispute the legends!” Thekla knew her sister was simply being facetious, but she turned seriously to the two other women, “I am a true believer in the old gods. I believe they still exist, and that they are true gods, rather than the pretenders who have overthrown them. The true gods are still out there, you and I are proof of that”, she gestured at Adonatille.

“If what you say is true”, she went back to looking through the book. “I believe they have sent you here to overthrow the new gods.” She paused, there was a moment of silence, as she and the others were trying to grasp the significance of what she had just suggested. “Wow” she eventually chuckled to herself. “That would be quite something, wouldn't it?” she turned around smiling. “But we can discuss all that later, let me show you around.”

The temple was clearly dedicated to a goddess of some kind, and all the statues of her had bosoms the size of the twin sisters. “The true gods believed in the true qualities of the feminine spirit and physique”, she commented. “Something the pretenders view as barbaric and uncivilised. As if they know what civilisation is. The world had not known peace like it did under the old gods. These days, it's all chaos and war.”

“I've been studying all the scrolls and books of this temple for years, in search of where the gods might have gone. I've been drawing maps of locations, that I need to visit”, she continued her tour as she stopped. “Wait a minute, perhaps those locations may allow the gods to reveal themselves to you as well. That could be our way to figure out which goddess it was, who made you.”

Deichtine and Adonatille looked at some of the maps, she had drawn. Several locations were highlighted. If they understood these highlights to be the locations she spoke of, the would need to travel to every corner of the earth and then some. “It would be a long journey. It would take several years. And at the end, we might still turn up empty handed”, she warned the two. “But if you like an adventure, and love to see the incredible sights that this world has to offer, you're in for a good time.”

Fortunately for Thekla, they were quite eager for a big adventure. “As an elf, I should have all the time in the world”, Adonatille mused herself. “And what about you?” Thekla turned to her sister. “Well of course I'm joining. If you are about to throw out the new gods, I at least want to see that happen!”

“I thought it didn't matter who the gods were.” “But much like it doesn't matter who the King is, it's still fun to see a rebellion! Besides, gods are far more interesting than kings.”


Eons ago, the titans created the earth, its mountains, its valleys, its oceans, its fields. They formed the gods out of their creation, and told the gods to create a sky for the earth. At the same time, the titans formed beasts and fowl to roam the earth. And the gods formed the intelligent races from some of these beasts.

In the beginning, the earth was peaceful. The people roamed the earth with the gods and titans. The people prospered, and built large cities and societies. The gods were proud of their creations. But the titans had other plans.

The titans demanded the gods enslave the people to construct a giant tower in the centre of the world. Only the titans knew the purpose of this tower, or how it would have looked, because the gods refused. They would never enslave their most precious creations.

And so began the war between the gods and the titans. The once symmetrical world became scarred and damaged, as the war formed new coastlines and mountain ranges. After years of fighting, the gods eventually beat all the titans. And the gods reigned supreme. Their own people had narrowly survived the war, and in the early years, the gods protected them intensely.

As time grew, the gods withdrew from the daily life of their people. And all was well. The people lived in peace with one another, as they explored the world for their hearts' desires.

But with their gods' distance from their own world, they did not notice that the titans had not been beaten. Hiding deep below the earth, they had been planning their revenge. Creating a new pantheon of gods to replace the existing gods, that was more to their liking.

The gods were caught by surprise, and the new gods would beat them in a far less devastating war than the one with the titans. But to the titans' dismay, the new gods had no interest in building their tower, only to reign over the world that the former gods had maintained.

The peaceful world of the old gods were gone, and a world of mistrust and hostility grew in its place. The people cling to power, fighting for land and riches. And the gods allied themselves with specific peoples, hoping to defeat the other gods to control the most powerful faction on earth.

The old gods seemed long gone, but the truth is that they merely went into hiding, occasional making their mark on the world in events that even the new gods could not explain. But their real desire was to come back, replacing what they see as pretenders.

“I did not know any of this”, Deichtine reflected as Thekla had finished her tale. “I thought the current gods were the only gods, and they created all of this world.” “They didn't”, Thekla was stern. “They are imposters, pretenders. Their only claim is an unfair fight, they have created nothing!” Her anger seemed genuine.

She sat down again, “it is hard for me to describe how happy I am to see you two here. I never thought that I would be involved in the return of the true gods, but you give me hope. I believe the moment has come.” She smiled, reaching out her hand, “will you join me?”

It was at this moment, it truly dawned on Adonatille and Deichtine what was at stake here. They had many a devoted person in their travels, but there was something about the fire in Thekla's eyes that burnt brighter than any passion they had met before, perhaps even maintained themselves. “Yes”, Adonatille rose, turning a bit to reach Thekla's hand and shake it.

A small tear rolled off Thekla's cheek. She looked down, hiding her face in her long red hair, and she began chuckling. She looked up, her mood clearly changed for a more content and casual one. “You know,” she began, as she started walking around the hall, “back in those days, women with breasts my size wouldn't be that uncommon. Every High Priestess had them.”

“Women enjoyed far more rights in those times, being the attuned to the gods, forming a balanced co-existence with men. While a man may be King, his most trusted advisers would be women. And sometimes the ruler herself would be Queen! I wish I lived in those days.”

“But when the usurpers overthrew the true gods, their priestesses' powers veined. And the populations became distrusting of them, and women in general. And well, the rest is history. Without the goddesses bestowing their devoted followers upon them their enchantments, most women today end up like you, Deichtine. No offence, of course.”

Deichtine looked at her own chest, feeling someone inferior in present company. But despite being around Adonatille all day for the past six years, she had never really felt a desire for a larger chest herself, even if she had considered the idea several times. “None taken” came the smirked response.

“I apologise, I do digress on this subject” Thekla stopped herself. “I am very passionate about it. As you can tell...” she looked at her sister, who was merely staring matter-of-factly back at her. “Indeed” Sofia underscored.

“But we should head out in the next few days. The nearest location, where I know one goddess hides, are the Lonely Twin Peaks”, she explained, as she pointed onto a map, where two mountains were noted in an otherwise flat landscape. Deichtine looked at the map, if her reading was accurate, that would be at least a few months of travel to get there. “We will have to cross these mountains, move through the swamp lands encircled by the three mountain ranges, and past another set of mountains, before finally moving through the grasslands, that leads us to the Peaks.”

Living in the Swamp

“I don't believe it”, Thekla was dangling her upper body out over Adonatille's bodice, as the elf was descending into the valley between the mountains. Her sister sat right behind her, pressing her own chest against her sister's back, “I keep telling you, it's uncanny.” The elf's pace was steady as they descended.

“I've walked this path dozens of times, maybe hundreds”, Thekla was still staring down on the familiar path. “But I've never been able to walk it at this pace.” She lifted herself, looked at her carrier, “and you don't even seem to be careful”, she remarked on Adonatille's expression, that seemed more focused on helping Deichtine why her neck was itchy.

“Like I told your sister, I cannot misstep. My feet are controlled by some unknown force, that always guides my feet to safety, so I always have sturdy ground. I've never lost my balance in my life”, the elf explained her unique ability. “In fact, my feet would prevent me from taking a step, that would otherwise put me off balance, like walking onto something unstable or off a cliff. It would be impossible for me to do so. One time, I remember, when talking to a local shopkeeper, my feet suddenly moved me, when two kids came running from behind, that would otherwise have knocked me over.”

“So wait”, Sofia started, though the three women in Adonatille's cleavage were getting a bit cramped, “how far does this inability to misstep extend? So your feet would able to know if something was quicksand, before you did, or anyone else you were travelling with?” “Yes.” “Because they'd simply refuse to make the step.” “Right, they wouldn't tell me why they stopped, they just wouldn't move.”

“And what about things like trap doors?” “As I remember, my feet generally avoids them. I have not fully tested to the extend with which my feet would avoid danger. Like what surfaces that are stable now, would they be in a moment? They generally are, but there might be exceptions.” “Indeed there might be.”

“What about jumping?” the witch continued her questioning. “Obviously I can jump, and I always land safely. Though, I haven't actually tried how far I can jump.” “I get the impression, that if your feet has more than one choice for a path, that are immediately safe to take, they will pick the best available option. So even if a trap door, before it is triggered, is safe, your feet would try to walk around it, if possible. In the same vein, if you were to jump, they would take the least distance required to make the jump successfully.”

“Those seems like reasonable assumptions”, Adonatille said after thinking about it for a bit. “But like I said, I have not fully experimented with this ability. I mean, I always thought it was just how walking worked until I got to know Deichtine. I've seen her misstep, and how sometimes, she feels with her feet for where the safe surfaces are. I honestly didn't understand what she was doing the first few times.”

In the valley between the mountains ran a gushing river. As they got closer, the sound of the water hitting rock and cliff became louder and louder. “It was not this violent last time I was here”, Thekla remarked on the loud noise. But it was beautiful. Deichtine and Adonatille had not had an opportunity to enjoy a view like this before. Ignoring the noise from the water, it was surprisingly calm.

A road ran alongside the river. After a while, Thekla exclaimed, “oh no! The bridge is out!” Up ahead, the remains of an old stone bridge was visible, with its main arch broken off. Their transport elf nonetheless along the road, which lead to the bridge. “We need to get across the river”, she became more nervous, looking around. She sighed, “the nearest other crossing is back the way we came, about a day's travel. And the path won't be good on the other side.”

Her sister turned to Adonatille, “can you jump this?” Adonatille looked at the gap, about thrice the length of her own bust's length. “I don't know”, she responded. “But even if you couldn't, your feet wouldn't even try, right?” “That's a fair point”, the elf felt she now had to put full trust in her feet. She stood at the edge, and took a deep breath, as she formulated her desire to her feet to cross the river.

Her legs bend, and suddenly she jumped, almost twice her height, and enough distance to land safely on the other side. As she landed, her heels made few cracks in the cobblestone, her legs bend to take off the weight, but it was otherwise unremarkable. They all stood in silence for a moment.

“I did not know I could do that”, the elf was as stunned as the three others. After the amazement wore off, she wondered whether she needed to be that ceremonial when she did it. She moved a few steps from the gap, and began walking casually back across the gap. As before, her legs bend, jumped across, and landed them safely. “I just wanted to see if we had actually needed to stop. We didn't. Well... I didn't.”

But as she landed the third time, she could feel her legs getting a bit sore for the first time in a while, and it was getting dark, so she suggested that once they found a place, that they rest. Her legs may be magical, but they still needed rest from time to time.

Passing through the mountain pass was rather uneventful, as it followed the old main road, and never got even half as high up as the temple. The land on the other side, however, was another sight the elf and her companion had never seen before. For as far as the eye could see, thick swampy forest occupied the landscape. And while from their vantage point, they could not feel it yet, they could sense the heat they were about to endure.

As they entered the swamp land at the foot of the mountain, the heat hit them hard. Deichtine and Sofia took off their most excessive clothing, leaving Deichtine with just a blouse and short trousers. Sofia's summer dress was not much different, but entirely red like her robe.

From her devotion, Thekla remained in her outfit, while Adonatille did not actually feel uncomfortable. Though, she did take off her robe and gloves.

Not far into the swamp, following the main cobblestone road, which sometimes continued on wooden bridges, they noticed a woman sitting on a stump, seemingly depressed. One thing they immediately noticed, was her clothes was strikingly similar to that of Thekla's, and she had a bust to match. The woman looked up, suddenly her tears seemed gone, and an excitement came across her face, as she noticed the four travellers.

“Oh, you have come to save us!” the woman rushed up, and grabbed Adonatille's breasts. “They are so beautiful and pure”, she said as she caressed them. She rested her head on one of them, “and so soft”, she smiled. The elf faked a cough to get the woman's attention. But it did not seem to have much effect.

“They are mine”, she insisted. “But they ought to be everyone's!” the woman hugged her own large bosom against Adonatille's, trying to squeeze them as much as possible. The elf was careful not to offend anyone, though she definitely felt this woman was extremely imposing, “I do what I can to help people, but my breasts are mine, and your breasts are yours. Let me invite you first.”

The woman took the hint, as she stepped back, feeling a little dumbstruck. That was when she noticed Thekla's outfit. “Are you a High Priestess too?” her excitement returned. “I'm hoping to be”, Thekla responded. The woman, while very attractive, was clearly older than the travellers. “I'm sure you're going to be a great High Priestess. Where is your village?”

“I'm still searching”, Thekla replied. “Ah”, the High Priestess understood, her mood turned sombre again. “I've lost my village.” Thekla stepped forward, interrupting herself before she had spoken, “I actually did not realise there were any High Priestesses left.”

“Nor did I”, the woman sighed. “Our village has maintained our allegiance to the old gods for centuries. We've heard of the battles, but here we could still feel their protection, as the new gods had their interest elsewhere. But something changed a few years ago, I think our goddess left. I could no longer feel her protection. That's when the tides became more and more violent.”

She pointed at the small dock, she had been sitting by. A small wooden ferry was tied to two ropes, that crossed far further into the swamp. As they looked, the noticed a plaque on a tree near the dock, standing in the water, was half-way covered. “It now threatens to flood the village.”

“What are you doing here, then? Why aren't you helping?” Thekla asked. “Without the goddess' protection, the villagers felt the gods and I had abandoned them, and they blamed me for their ills. My help was no longer deemed needed.”

“I fear they won't make it, though”, she sighed. “They are trying to move the village where the tides are more seldom and less violent. But they cannot move the wooden material over with the small ferry fast enough.” Deichtine and Adonatille looked at one another, and soon caught Sofia's glance as well. “I think we can help you there”, Deichtine said. “Now you will get to see my breasts be everyone's”, the elf smiled.

As dusk fell, the villagers had managed to ship their entire lot of building material across the ferry route, to their new village location with the help of Adonatille's magical cleavage. The villagers was celebrating their new village, and they welcomed their old High Priestess back. “You did find us help after all”, said the blacksmith, as a crowd gathered around her.

The High Priestess, still taken aback by the situation, spoke humbly, “I could not have done it without these travellers, without Adonatille and without the true gods.” She nodded to the crowd, as the group dispersed. They were off to put together their new village.

“I'd love to stay the night”, Sofia interrupted the silence. “But I still think they are rebuilding the inn.”

Twin Peaks

Thekla had been unable to discover the identity of the goddess, the old High Priestess had spoken of. It was clear to her, that a goddess had been in the swamp lands, but her identity was a mystery to her, and she thought she had covered all of the ancient goddesses.

It had been two months since they left the swamps, travelled through another set of mountain ranges, and for two weeks, been making their way through dry grasslands. Not many fields, but olive trees and vineyards had dotted the landscape. But even they were not as large or precise as those back in Wesporia, and the villages were further in between here.

Adonatille had done the majority of the walking, effectively remaining their transport for the travellers. She did not mind, she loved walking. Out here, whenever the three others were resting in her cleavage, she was alone, and enjoyed the solitude. Even when - like now - that Sofia had managed to find a way to lie on her bosom, looking upward to the sky, she still felt a bit of solitude.

She thought about her legs. The last three months of walking had really made her think about what she was, and how her legs was basically pure magic. Well, she contemplated, if she herself was the creation of a goddess, then all of her would be pure magic. What other creatures have body parts they are not really in control of? And if they exist, why?

“Because they're possessed”, came a soft answer from the witch, still looking upwards. Adonatille was taken aback that Sofia appeared to know what she was thinking, that she almost stopped walking for a moment. Before she could respond, Sofia slid down into her cleavage, so only her torso remained. “I've seen creatures with possessed parts. Also fully possessed ones.”

“How did you know I was thinking about that?” the elf grew uncertain and suspicious. “Your demeanour wasn't particularly subtle”, the witch explained. “Also, my sister and I can sense the thoughts of others. We really need to focus to get details.”

“Wow”, Adonatille lifted her eyebrows. “That's quite the detail you've failed to mention.” “There is a reason why we live far from others, it is only partially our own decision.” “You were exiled?” “The townspeople did not like the idea that the banker's daughters could read their minds.”

“Our mum made sure we were safe out in the woods for a few years, but when our father discovered we were still alive, the help stopped. My sister and I fended for ourselves, and we understood to hide our gift from other people we met. Strangers took us in, and they fuelled our interest for the magical realms of this world. I from the material world, Thekla from the divine.”

“So it wasn't just because you were redheads”, the elf smiled after a brief pause. “No, but I am not sure it helped”, the witch smiled back. “Frankly, when you can sense people's thoughts, living where there are few thoughts is nice and quiet. We've been arguing when to reveal this to you two.”

“Now I just need to discover that Deichtine has some sort of big secret she's been hiding”, Adonatille laughed. They were both silent for a bit. But then the elf thought back to her original considerations. “You believe I am possessed?”

“Yes, in the technical sense”, the witch replied. “But being possessed is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a guardian, like in your situation”, she explained as she turned look forward, as they had just crossed a minor hill. “Oh I think those are them!” she exclaimed. Far ahead on the horizon appeared two mountain peaks, cover in white snow.

Only a few more days passed when they finally reached the Lonely Twin Peaks. True to their name, the two mountains stood all alone on an otherwise flat terrain. “Somewhere underneath those mountains hides one of the goddesses we seek”, Thekla explained as they neared the few foothills that were.

The terrain was rocky and damp. They finally reached a long cliff wall. “This is where our gift comes in handy”, Thekla explained. “A small unmarked spot on these cliff walls must be touched by the palm of a hand, to open the entrance. There is a very expensive way to find it, which requires quite bit of chemistry, as my sister would no doubt explain if we were doing that, but the spot itself echoes minor thoughts. So all she and I have to do, is simply to listen for these thoughts.”

It did not take long for the two sisters to locate the thoughts, but they could also sense the spot was high above them, where none of them could reach. “Stand on my tits”, Adonatille suggested to Thekla. The witch's sister was at first confused by this suggestion, and then whether it could work. “You've sat on them, you've never seen them sag. Because they don't.”

The elf moved towards the wall, so her breasts were touching. “Climb up, and see if you can't reach it now.” Thekla did as instructed. There was no sagging or giving way as she stood there. But even for someone as tall as her, she had a hard time reaching the spot itself. “Jump the last bit”, the elf suggested, noticing that the woman standing on her breasts had been reluctant to do so, for fear of what might happened to her surface. She jumped, she touched the spot, which immediately lit up, and when landed back on the elf's breasts, they did not give way.

Thekla took a few steps backwards as she admired the spot lighting up. So far backwards, that Adonatille had to grab her by the legs, before she was about to fall. Before she could remark on it, they hurt a large clank from deep below them. Suddenly, not that far from them, a piece of ground slid away, revealing a staircase going down.

The two twin sisters looked seriously at one another, as if they've agreed something. “Get in”, they instructed Deichtine, who got inside the cleavage, before the twin sisters got in as well. Thekla turned to the elf, before her head was about to disappear, “only one is allowed to enter at a time, you'll our one.” She vanished.

Adonatille did as instructed, and began walking down the narrow staircase. The walls were close, and her breasts touched each, as she descending. As soon as her head was below ground level, the rock that had hid the staircase, quickly slid back. She continued to descend for long while. When the stairs finally ended, she felt she must have walked at least 20 stories down.

She continued along the narrow corridor, which was heading towards an opening. Being an elf, she was able to see in the dark, an ability not bestowed on her human comrades. Because it would otherwise be pitch black down here. She soon entered into a large room, which ceiling was so far above her, that she could not see where it ended. The flat floor continued two her sides and straight in front of her.

It was silent in here. Despite the large room, the clicking from her heels was surprisingly dampened, and she almost felt stealthy. But her heels were also the only sound to be heard. After a short walk, she began noticing two large objects disappearing upwards into the void above her. They were separated by what looked like a rift between them, where she could now see some of the rocky ceiling.

The two large objects seemed to originate from the middle of the room in front of her. She stopped. She listened. There were no sounds. She reached into her cleavage to give the others the green light. Suddenly their three heads appeared. They looked around, astonished.

“Wow” came Thekla's astonishment, as she looked around her. She lit a torch, and climbed out of the bodice, moved ahead of the elf towards the two objects. The two others followed her on foot, as did Adonatille.

Eventually, they came to an edge, which looked over a large indent in the floor. In the middle of this large room within a room, was an altar. On it lied what appeared to be a woman. But from their perspective, she would have to be at least four times as large as themselves. And that's when they noticed that the two large objects connected to this woman's chest.

“The mountains are her breasts!” exclaimed Deichtine, before covering her mouth. There was no reaction to be heard. “Indeed” came a much more silent Thekla, as she began descending down a staircase with very large steps.

They all followed to the altar, where they climbed up next to the big woman. She was blindfolded. And she was elegantly dressed. Only where her breasts extended from her body was uncovered.

They had gathered around her head. They had decided to remove her blindfold. She seemed completely still, appearing more dead than sleeping. The twin sisters helped remove the blindfold. As soon as it was off, her eyes shut up, wide open.

But rather than a thunderous outburst, as they were expected, she came back to life, looking hurt. Grabbing her head by her right arm, slowly getting up. “Ugh, what a dream”, the goddess spoke, as her eyes narrowed, and she looked around. Then she noticed the four women to her left. Being four times their height, she could look down on them, but she still had to lift herself a off her bed.

“You've awaken me?” she asked them, but in a rather plain voice. “Yes”, Thekla responded in a far more occasional tone, befitting talking to a goddess. “We seek the goddess who has created her”, she pointed to Adonatille. “What makes you think she was created?” the goddess responded, seemingly not entirely awake. “Well, look at her” Thekla had a hard time maintaining her tone, considering the goddess' tone.

“Fair enough”, the goddess said, she turned to the elf. “What's your name?” “Adonatille.” The goddess laughed briefly, “oh that's too cute.” “She seems familiar, right?” Thekla suggested. “So you know of her and her purpose?”

“She is not my creation”, the goddess disappointed. “What makes you special, elf?” the goddess returned to Adonatille. “My cleavage, I suppose. Try sticking your arm down it.” The goddess complied. And like with everything else, her arm disappeared inside.

“Wow”, the goddess bemused herself. But then suddenly came the shock on her face, as she realised something important. She slowly retracted her arm to hold it in front of her mouth. “So the time has come, huh?” she said looked first at Adonatille, and then at Thekla. “Yes!” replied the witch's sister. “But we are trying to find out who created her and what her purpose is.”

“She's the Cleavage”, the goddess explained. “She will bring us together when the time comes.” “And then what happens?” “I don't know, but I'm going to assume, it's about knocking out the usurpers”, the goddess seemed far more enthusiastic and awake now. “So who will need to get together?” “I also don't know”, the goddess was getting slightly embarrassed. “I only really know of the Cleavage itself, since I designed it. Not the plan.”

“So are you like the goddess of fertility?” Deichtine decided to ask, after there had been a brief movement of silence. “Ah, no no no, that's Elaheh. I'm Batari. I'm the goddess of breasts.” “Just breasts?” Deichtine looked a little confused. The goddess seemed slightly offended by that.

Leaning over, using both her hands, the goddess touched Deichtine's chest, and suddenly her bosom started growing and growing. So fast and so gigantic, that it was hard to phantom. Soon her breast had reached twice her own height, resting on the floor in front of her.

More remarkably, her top seemed to have extended over her gigantic breasts, leaving them covered and unexposed. Deichtine was in shock and speechless. “That's some titties all right”, Sofia remarked, looking at the wagon crushing chest before her. “At least now, you won't be the flat one”, she patted Deichtine's back.

“I cannot speak”, Deichtine slowly descended to her knees. “How will I move, how will I...” she paused. “How will I help my friend now?” looking both angry and concerned at the goddess. Batari tilted her head, “try bending backwards, you'll find moving isn't as hard as you think.” The formerly small-chested human decided to comply, still feeling like there were was no alternative.

Without much effort, she bended backwards, and her mounds of flesh followed with her. “What” she remarked as she put them back down. “But how much do they weigh?” “Ah, their weight is still enough to crush a small house”, the goddess smiled. “It's just your strength that is able to handle them.”

“But she still needs to take care of my cleavage, she won't fit like this!” Adonatille was also concerned about Deichtine's impractical size. “If the purpose of the Cleavage was to gather us, how was I going to fit then?” the goddess smiled. “Deichtine, try getting inside. It'll feel a little unusual.”

Now more confused than any other emotion, Deichtine tried to get into the cleavage, that now seemed small compared to her own. But despite what should have been physical impossibility, she soon found herself sliding quickly down into Adonatille's cleavage as usual. Outside, the others were noticing how the gigantic bosom seemed to be squished to fit the narrow confines of the elf's ravine until it was all gone. A moment passed, and Deichtine's head reappeared, staring almost blankly at her oldest friend. “Wow” they both said in unison.

“I am not sure what to think anymore”, Deichtine looked at the others. “I know this is going to sound weird, but I kind of like them this big.” “They all do”, the goddess smiled. “But now I am eternally beholden to you”, Deichtine turned to the elf. “I would not be able to get around most places without hiding in here.”

“Would you still be able to bring me my wardrobe and boots in the morning?” the elf wanted to know. “I should think so. Moving around below is surprisingly easy, even with these.”

“Good” the goddess stood up. “Because I am not in the business of making breasts smaller. Now it's my turn”, she said, as she stepped into Adonatille's cleavage, and soon slid all the way down, her mountain-sized breasts followed suit, a somewhat far more terrifying experience for Adonatille than Deichtine's. Batari's head reappeared, four times the size that of the elf's. “From my understanding, you move fast,” she said to the elf, before turning to the twin sisters. “You two better get down here.”

When the two sisters had hid, the goddess reappeared. “You better get a move on, these mountains are about to collapse.” The elf took this warning seriously, and walked briskly down the altar, up towards the large floor again, heading towards the small entrance. As she walked, she could hear the slow rumbling from high above.

Wrecking Balls

“Why don't we just cross strait right here?” Sofia asked her sister, as they were going over the route to the next goddess. “Because Stormy Strait is named that for a reason”, she stared back. “But look at the detour you're suggesting instead, we could save like a month's or two's travel. I'm sure we can find a ship captain foolhardy enough to make the crossing.”

The two would continue arguing for the rest of the afternoon. It was another nice sunny and dry day. This region remained pretty barren, and the roads empty. Deichtine was hanging her new found stagecoach-sized breasts from Adonatille's bodice, sitting right at the front of her cleavage, letting the elf do the walking. It was on the right stagecoach-breast that the twin sisters were doing their arguing.

“I hope they are paying attention to the road”, the elf commented, noticing the sisters' preoccupation. “It still feels weird”, Deichtine turned her head. “I can feel the ground now and then, but not the weight. Even if it feels awkward walking around”, she paused. “I am not sure how to articulate how it feels.”

“I think I have some understanding”, her friend responded. She smiled, and the human smiled back. They continued in this formation till the sun had gone down. They decided to make camp.

It was dry and warm, even when dark. The flora in the region kept the atmosphere thick and soft. They decided to sleep outside. Even Batari wanted the opportunity to sleep under an open sky. Having watched the two mountains collapse behind them had been quite a humbling moment, even for her. But the mountains also spoke to why she could not sleep outside in her entirety. So she was forced sleeping with her breasts pointing inside the Cleavage.

While uneventful, the sleep proved particularly wondrous for Batari. She could not remember the last time she had slept outside. It triggered emotions, she had almost forgotten she could possess. It made her think of the reason they were all out here. And it made her long to see her sisters again.

The next morning started as normal, with Deichtine finding Adonatille's daily wardrobe. However, with her own enormous cleavage, she was able to only do the trip once, before she had found a collection that met the elf's approval. “There really is a lot of advantages to big breasts”, she amused herself, as she was stuffing the clothing and boots Adonatille did not pick back into her cleavage.

“Careful with my wardrobe”, remarked the elf. And while Deichtine could sense the humour in her tone, she considered it for a moment, and her industrious sense came back, “you know, I have been thinking on installing racks in here”, she gazed up at herself. “Sofia, that's something you could help me?” she turned to the witch, who was in the middle of her modest breakfast, but gave Deichtine her full attention. “So I could turn my cleavage into like a walk-in closet. Well, I guess without the walk-in aspect.”

“Can I sit on your boob?” Batari asked Deichtine while already sitting herself the small human's almost two-story breast, not that Deichtine had any intention of saying no. “Your breasts are about the only thing large enough around here for me to sit comfortably.” With the others outside, Deichtine was folding Adonatille's wardrobe. She had felt sadden by the destruction of her construction down here, as she looked over at the remains of her form staircase. While the goddess' breasts in particular, her own were also not innocent in this destruction.

“I'm still amazed that your breasts can fit down here”, she looked at the goddess' vast orbs, that continued into the seemingly endless void. “Everything can fit down here”, the goddess explained. “Everything?” “Everything.” “So anything we'd find would be--” The goddess interrupted her, “no, everything. Not just anything, but all the world could fit down here. There is infinite space down here.”

“You're having me on”, Deichtine had a hard time believing this. Yes, the goddess' breasts were as big as mountains, and the largest objects she had seen anyone carry around, but there were still insignificant compared to the size of the entire world. There must be limitation. “It can indeed contain everything”, the goddess insisted. “And it may well become necessary.”

There were too many questions introduced by those statements, but Deichtine decided to stick to a simple one; “how you mean?”

“I cannot remember all the details”, Batari looked out into her own enormous cleavage. “But as we were scattering from the pretenders, we conceived fragmented plans for our return. We weren't to know all of it, each of us, in case the pretenders found us, but I remember the possibility for creating a whole new world. This one was too damaged, they said. We may need to get rid of it.” She turned back to look at the girl. “But I don't know, it's possible. We'll see what the other goddesses say when we find them.”

Suddenly, Sofia's head and bosom appeared through the rift. “Deichtine, I think we may need you up here.” With the stair case out, Batari had gotten the job of lifting them in and out.

“Go and have a look at the wagon”, the captain instructed him. A few moments ago, a wagon had arrived at the gate, and had made no indication of its intentions. Its mystery had now become his task.

He opened the small door in the gate. The wagon had managed to reverse up close to the gate. At the back of the wagon were two curtains, obscuring his view inside the wagon, between the curtains stood an average height woman with her back towards him, seemingly going through something in her wagon.

“You cannot leave your wagon here”, he ordered the woman. “I just have some wares, I want to sell. Surely your Lord would be pleased to look at my wares.” “I'm sorry, but His Majesty is not interested.” She turned her head towards him, but not her body, she was frowning, “but he hasn't even seen them, you haven't even seen them. And you would just dismiss them out of hand.”

Feeling unsure, he accepted to see a few wares. She quickly drew out some bottles of fine transparent spirits. This was rather more impressive than he had anticipated. “Those are some fine spirits”, he remarked. The woman only slightly turned towards him, but still mostly had her rear facing the gate. “I told you I had fine wares”, she said happily.

“What's happening out here?” the captain had been paying attention from inside. “This woman is selling very fine wares, apparently”, his soldier handed him one of the bottles, and the captain was also impressed. “These spirits must come from a far away land!” He opened one bottle, tasted it and found himself to be even more impressed. “It's the real stuff.”

The woman started handing out more and more bottles, as more and more guards started gathering outside the gate. After a while, where the guards had enjoyed themselves, having sips of the spirits themselves. “There are plenty more”, the woman assured. “Can we have a look in your wagon?” the captain remembered there was a purpose with their position.

“No” came the brief, and seemingly out of character answer from the small woman. But before any of the guards could react, the woman turned around, and two massive objects suddenly appeared, as if stuck to the woman, crushing through the group of soldiers and hitting the gate. The gate could not withstand the powerful hit, and immediately cracked. The woman jumped down from the wagon, as soldier after soldier suddenly emerged from the wagon, they leapt onto the woman's battering rams, and into the Keep.

“When the King's main army returns, there should be no keep for him”, the rebel leader explained to Sofia. “I'm on it”, Deichtine nodded. She walked into the Keep, that he been cleared for enemy soldiers, and the rebel troops had already moved outside again. She began walking near the walls, swinging her gigantic breasts against the walls, that immediately crumbled. She was careful to avoid any rubble falling on her, as she continued her rampage through the remains of the Keep.

“How will you deal with his army?”, Sofia asked the rebel leader. “The strategic value of this Keep cannot be underestimated. Without the supplies his army need here, they will be vulnerable to to ambush. In addition, the local Duke has been using this Keep to keep thumbing at the local peasants. There will be a great rejoicing when they discover it has been destroyed.

“I wish we could stay and talk, but we must be off. The Peasants of Djoyangré thank you”, the rebel leader bowed, as she gestured to her soldiers to gather, and take off. They soon disappeared down the road. “I've always found keeps looking out over a valley without a nearby town suspicious”, Sofia commented, as the three of them stood for a moment to look at Deichtine's thorough demolishing of the Keep.

“She's really being thorough”, Thekla remarked, as the wrecking machine made sure to destroy the tower from as high as possible first, before swinging her breasts further and further down till it was all gone.

When they rode the wagon down the road, there was nothing but rubble where the Keep had once stood, on the cliff edge, overlooking the Renglouse Valley. The twin sisters were driving the wagon, while Deichtine let her breasts hang out the back of it. “You don't seem particularly happy”, Adonatille noticed her friend looking a bit sombre.

“Destroying the Keep was a lot of fun”, Deichtine kept her gaze on her breasts. “But I cannot stop thinking about the sixteen people I killed”, she thought back to the men she crushed in their opening salvo. “With great breasts come great responsibility”, the elf remarked, as she sat down beside her human friend. “It's good you feel this way, because you must learn to understand which actions are valid and which are not. Soldiers know that they put their life on the line for money. If the destruction of the men they protect is justified, then the means to that end is as well.”

“How did you become so wise? You're younger than me”, the human smiled at her friend. “I've had gigantic breasts for far longer than you. I know the dangers they bring. And yours more so”, she smiled back. “You must learn detachment. And always with your eyes on the ends, rather than the means. But always fight for the best solution; however, sometimes the best solution is a grim one.”

“I was so nervous”, the human was laughing through her tears. “You did well”, I saw you, after all. “How are your boobs doing?” she looked out at the enormous meat sacks being carried by a wagon half their size. “They are a little sore”, Deichtine got up. “I think I better get back inside, Batari needs company. And I need to lie down.”

The Stormy Strait

Sofia's long kiss was nice, Deichtine felt, if her attitude had perhaps been a bit too forceful in obtaining the kiss. And yes, it did come as a surprise. And if she had not known Sofia like she did, she probably would have fought against it. But the kiss itself was very nice, if a bit confusing as well. Deichtine was not even sure she had ever kissed a woman before. Or indeed anyone.

Just as quickly as she had grabbed her, Sofia let ago. Her expression still seem a bit frustrated. “Hey!” suddenly Thekla appeared on Deichtine's other side. Without speaking more words, she made the same move as her sister. While they were kissing, Deichtine could feel Sofia's bosom against her head from the other side. Which made her think about their height difference in earnest, and how much the two sister actually had to bend over to kiss her.

Just like her sister, Thekla had the same expression on her face when she let go. She stared at the confused Deichtine for a moment, before turning her attention to her sister. And soon Deichtine found her head the contents of a bust sandwich, not that she particularly minded. The two most prevailing feelings for her were satisfaction and confusion.

“Why do you always mock me?” Thekla's voice could not quite reach a pitch of frustration, yet she was clearly trying. “And why don't you ever trust me?” her sister responded in kind.

The two sisters kept arguing about something seemingly unimportant. Or if it had been important, those details had been lost in their argument. While she could still her them, their sounds were muffled between their breasts, so Deichtine still did not mind, even if she was still not sure why they had kissed her.

The fight lasted surprisingly long, and it took Adonatille to interrupt them. The two sisters disengaged, and apologised to the woman between them. “Why were you fighting?” she asked, as they seemingly had to think about the question for a bit. “I keep insisting we can cross the strait here”, Sofia began before she was interrupted, “but the Stormy Strait is - as usual - stormy!” the sister opened her eyes wide indicating a closing statement.

The sea was indeed stormy. But it was the narrowest crossing for months of travel. They had camped here last night, in hope that they could cross the next day, which did not seem safe given the weather. Sofia was arguing that they just needed to wait for it to calm down, and Thekla was arguing that it never did.

Deichtine then approached her real question, “oh, and thank you, the kisses were really nice”, she smiled at both of the sisters, who blushed in return. For the first time since Sofia had kissed her, the siblings were finally not appearing frustrated, and indeed a bit insecure.

“It's just the best way for us to calm down”, Sofia explained as they had regained some of their self-control. “And we've been doing it with one another for so long, that it's starting to feel a bit weird”, her sister continued. “So, if you don't mind, we'd like you to be our... valve, so to speak.”

Deichtine did not mind, although she would have appreciated a bit more warning. “You can kiss me any time you like”, she smiled. “I'm not sure I am going to get many kisses otherwise”, she sighed. She was still rather confused about their unusual need for kissing, but she had already learnt not to ask too many questions.

Deichtine could get used to being caught between the two sisters' bosoms whenever they kissed.Shadowpencil

“It's a mistake”, Thekla was still not convinced that crossing the Strait was attainable, much less safe. While the weather was fine right now, she kept pointing out that, that before they had made it across, the weather would pick up again. The calm weather did not last long here.

The others, however, had been preparing Deichtine's breasts as floatation devices. “When I am paddling, we will move fast”, Batari, who had been helping as well, insisted. She was not standing far from Adonatille, whose cleavage her enormous breasts were still squeezing into. The plan was for Deichtine to be boat and Batari to be propeller. “You should know this, Thekla, you've studied my kind.”

“I know that you are fast”, she said in a manner not wanting to appear as she had been caught with not knowing a detail about the gods. “But I am still not sure if you are fast enough. This Strait is notorious! There is a reason why you can't see a single ship out there right now! And what happens if you can't make it, or we are about to sink?!”

“Well, I always got my own breasts for floatation, I guess”, the goddess smiled. “But I think the are more... dispersing devices than flotillas”, she patted her own left breast.

The boat was ready. Thekla was still unsure, but did not want to leave her closest friends behind. She and her sister hid inside the elf's cleavage, while the others entered Deichtine's breasts into the water. As soon as it hit water, Batari started paddling, and the boat took off at quite the speed.

Despite its name, the strait was not particularly narrow, as one might expect. The weather kept when they had reached about half way over the strait, but that's when the storm started to pick up. It was fierce. The waves high and the rain thick and blistering.

Deichtine could feel herself freezing. Adonatille was tugged safely between her breasts, and Batari's persistent paddling suggested she was not bothered by the chill. But Deichtine was not so lucky, she was strapped to the outside of her own breasts, but still the outside, where she was in exposed to the elements.

They had done plenty to cover her up, but the weather's strength was far more than she expected. In and out of water her head went as the waves splashed against her enormous breasts. It was painful. She could feel herself crying. It did not take long for her to pass out.

She coughed up some sea water as she came to. All she could see were her own enormous cleavage. Her head was spinning, and the noises were muffled. She could see the light from the sun hitting within her cleavage. She realised where she had been. She could no longer feel the sea. She smiled. She had survived.

She looked up, to see if she could spot the others. The light from the sun was bright. A red blurry figure stood at the end of her ravine. She now finally noticed that her breasts were no longer covered. The figure climbed through her breasts towards her.

It was Sofia. “You've come through!” she said with excitement. “You've been out for over a day!” she hugged her as best she could, given the position. This time, Deichtine was the tall one, lying near the top of her own breasts, she was almost twice as high up as Sofia was tall. But Sofia simply climbed upwards using the cleavage as support. The smile on Deichtine's face was weak, but still a smile. Sofia decided to give her a long kiss.

While she may not fully grasped the kissing, it was exactly what she needed right now. She could feel her energy returning. When they finally let go, she looked at the witch, “thank you, I never knew I could love someone this much.” Sofia's response was a blank stare. It took a little while for Deichtine to realise what she had just said, before she grasped her mouth. She sighed, “ah well, truth will out.” She was too weak to fight it at this point.

Even before the kissing, Deichtine had felt confusion about her own feelings about the twin sisters. Feelings that reminded her of ones she had felt for Adonatille, but probably had been too young to fully comprehend. The elf was her closest friend, the sisters still seemed like uncharted territory. To her, their kissing had felt like confirmation that the feelings were mutual.

“You love me?” Sofia shed a tiny tear, and had an expression of happiness Deichtine had never seen before. But before she could respond, she proceeded to kiss her again. This was the deepest kiss yet. Deichtine still felt a bit heavy headed when it ended, and coughed. “Yes” she regained her voice, “and your sister.”

“Thekla?” the witch's expression was one seeking to decide whether to be confused or annoyed. “How can you love both of us?” “I have breasts enough for a small town, so I can have love enough for the two of you.” Sofia was not sure how to take this answer. “Why can't I love both of you? You two already love one another in a sisterly fashion.”

“I had never seen myself in a relationship together with my sister”, Sofia may have been warming to the idea. “It would just make everything easier”, Deichtine said. “That way your kisses won't so confusing to me.”

Thekla as well did not know how to take it, when the idea of a three-way relationship which included her sister was presented to her. Truth be told, both sisters had had an affection for Deichtine, that had only increased when Batari gave her breasts the size of wagons. A lot of their fights had effectively been about fighting for her affection, and Deichtine's own offer of compromise was one they had not considered.

But it would be a relationship to last. Deichtine was quite able to show them both an equal amount of devotion and affection, and neither sister ever felt like the third wheel. They would include Deichtine in their discussions, of which they had far more knowledge and experience, with Deichtine usually being the one to convince of their position.

And despite occasional disagreements, their love was true. The two sisters began sleeping in Deichtine's cleavage, even to the point where she some times forgot it some mornings, as she was preparing Adonatille's wardrobe. After all, they still had a quest to complete, and the elf would remain Deichtine's oldest and closest friend.

For their part, Adonatille and Batari welcomed the ménage à trois. It kept down the sisters' fighting, and Deichtine seeming genuinely happy for the first time in a long while. The goddess commented to the elf, “I've seen weirder. Like, a lot weirder.”

Jagged Throne

Further into the damp jagged cliffs, they had been walking for days now. Thekla insisted she knew the route. But the long stretch of endless views of cliff faces in all sorts of shapes had given the rest of the group pause. They were not tired, but they were unsure. The dampness of the air had let them feeling light-headed, and were wishing for an end to this endless maze.

“Here!” Thekla suddenly proclaimed. She pointed at yet another cliff spike, that jagged the surroundings. But there was something unusual about this one, it seemed like it had a spiralling staircase surrounding it. Just before its start, it also had some writing on it.

“Keep walking” it said. Thekla thought for a bit, what it could mean. “Maybe it's a hint to Adonatille?” now that they had finally paused, Deichtine and Sofia had come out of the Cleavage. Although, it was hard for Deichtine to find room for her bosom amongst the jagged cliffs.

“Of course”, Thekla felt stupid for a moment to not realise this. She looked back at the cliff spike itself, and then onwards from it. A row of spikes at the same height continued onwards, over a large pit, the bottom of which could not be seen from up here. Far out in the pit, the row of spikes ended on a plateau. And Thekla could just make out several other plateaus.

“Adonatille” she turned to the elf. “I think you are the only one who can make this one. And all you have to do is simply keep walking.” The three of them climbed back down into her cleavage, with only Thekla's head remaining.

The elf did as told, she moved slowly up the narrow stairs. As she made her way off the spike and onto the others, her feet made quick pace stepping from each spike to the next, a feat that would have been impossible for anyone else. As she reached the plateau, it was clear that there were several dozens of path ways from there on, that she had to jump to.

“Stick to the instructions, simply keep walking”, Thekla assured her. And as with the ruins of the bridge, rather than stepping out into the abyss, her legs bended and jumped to another plateau. “I think the others might be traps, that break”, Thekla looked at a few pieces suggesting the remains of other plateaus.

They moved through a tunnel, before entering into another opening, where the plateau let out into several others. The same problem, Thekla reflected, but this time the jump distance was far longer. But once again, the elf's legs bended hard and set off with a significant strength, landing them safely on another plateau.

“I could feel that one”, Adonatille laughed at the woman in her cleavage. They continued through another tunnel. And on the other side, another opening, but this time, the other plateau was so far away, it was hard to see it. “I can jump that far?” “Only one way to find out!”

Despite her confidence in Adonatille's ability, Thekla still hid a bit, as the elf made her way to the edge. Her legs bended almost as much as they could, and with a force unmatched before, she set off. She jumped so high, that they could look out over the entire landscape of jagged cliffs, before returning downward and landing hard on the other plateau.

The two women starred at one another. “I thought it would have hurt more.” “You're all right?” “Yes. I am mostly baffled that it was possible, and without more... theatrics.” The plateau led into a very tall tunnel, which let into a hall.

On what appeared to be a throne, sad a giant woman, the same size as Batari. Her skin colour was black like the night, but her clothes were white like milk. Unlike Batari, her eyes were not covered. And also unlike her, the breasts on this goddess were proportionally the same as those of the twin sisters. And they almost immediately shut open as Adonatille entered her room.

She stared at the elf for a while. And then she spoke in a joyous voice. “Ah! Just must be my Perfect Legs.” Soon Thekla climbed out to greet the goddess. “Ooh, and the Cleavage too.” The goddess gasped, “so this is the time?”

“I am your humble servant”, Thekla addressed the goddess as she knelled. “Don't be like that”, the goddess laughed. Soon she was joined by Sofia and Deichtine. “Wow, you got a massive set of tits! You people haven't met a dear friend of mine?”

Right on cue, Batari's head appeared. “Batari!” the goddess cried. “Orani!” Batari cried back. “Of course”, Thekla smiled. “I should have realised it was Orani.” The goddess introduced herself to the others, “I am Orani, goddess of stability, harmony and balance.” She bended down, and prodded Adonatille's legs, “I created your legs” she smiled at her.

“Orani, these ladies will take us to our sisters, and then we will strike the pretenders!” Batari explained from the cleavage. “Why do you come out, so I can see you?” Orani responded. But before her goddess friend could respond, she realised why. “Ah, let me guess. Mountain-sized, yes?” Batari nodded. “And her?” she pointed at Deichtine. “Another proud moment for me! She now has two lovers. That's the magic of enormous breasts.”

“Come down here, then Adonatille will find our way out” Batari invited her friend in. “But I need to show her how to get out first.” Orani turned to the elf. “I take it from your very fine boots, that you are the appreciator of the finer things in life; excellent high-heeled over the knee boots. And I see you don't skim on the heel height either.”

“But have you ever considered taller platforms?” Orani revealed a pair of boots from her own cleavage. They looked exactly like the ones Adonatille were wearing, except they had platforms the same height as the boots themselves. “These will be a good starting pair.” Deichtine helped the elf get her current boots off, while the goddess lifted her up, so she could get into the new taller boots.

The goddess revealed a piece of platform. “But you are going to walk in much much taller platforms. How else are you going to cross the pit out there?” She explained that the platforms attach to one another to increase the height. And just outside the tunnel was a pair of platforms simply waiting to be attached to her new boots.

After the entourage had all gathered back inside the elf's cleavage, she walked outside, where sure enough, two platforms were waiting. So tall were they, that like the bottom of the pit, she could not see where they ended. She stepped onto them. Click, click, came the noise as the platforms attached to her boots.

“Now walk”, Orani's head instructed. The elf did as told. But now, with platforms so long she could see the ground, each step was far longer than even the longest jump she had just made.

It did not take long for them to reach an edge of the pit. “Step on the cliff edge over there”, Orani pointed. Adonatille did as instructed, but it left her leg almost horizontal, “but I cannot put my weight all the way out there.” “Ah, these platforms become extensions not just of your boots, but of you! Try lifting us up.”

And sure enough, completely contrary to what she would have thought, her leg was able to lift them high up, above the pit, now finally revealing the true height of the platforms. She could see the entire landscape of the jagged cliffs up here. And there, in the distance, grasslands. “Let's get out of these cliffs, before we lower you down again.”

“To detach the platforms piece by piece, touch the buttons at the top of the platforms, and the lowest most piece will be detached”, Orani explained. It took quite a while for Adonatille to detach all the platform pieces, and she was at ground level again.

Deichtine admired the mechanics of the platform pieces. “You designed these?” she asked the goddess. “I wish I had. Another sister of ours were the designer of these. Not that useful for anyone without the Perfect Legs, and only your elven friend have them.”

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